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HS/Scholastic: Derryfield School (Men) vs. Berkshire School, Brewster Academy
April 28, 2007; Merrimack River, Hooksett, NH

Submitted by Vin Broderick.

Distance: 1500 Meters
Conditions: Flat water, cool air all day. Very strong, post-flood tail current
Comments: First Boat time is an estimate based on video and margins determined by finish line judges. Derryfield boat left its lane and crossed in front of Brewster in the last 250 meters. Third Boat race began approx. two lengths past the line. Derryfield fourth boat reraced as fifth boat with one rower replaced.


Varsity Four
Derryfield 3:32 (Est.
Berkshire 3:38
Brewster 3:41

Second Boat:
Derryfield 4:47.5
Brewster 4:49.1

Third Boat:
Derryfield 4:37.1
Brewster 4:52.8
(see note)

Fourth Boat:
Derryfield 5:04.9
Brewster 5:20
Fifth Boat
Derryfield 5:13.4
Brewster 5:36.0


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