HS/Scholastic: Berkshire School, BB&N (boys), Concord HS, Central HS
April 23, 2005; Merrimack River, Hooksett, NH

Submitted by Lisa Dirth.

Distance: 1500 meters
Conditions: Cool and cloudy with intermittent light rain, no wind, flat water, weather conditions were the same for all races.
Comments: Not all races were started exactly at the 1500 meter mark, several started up to 150 meters above the line. Congratulations to all crews who raced today


Men's Racing

Mens First Fours:
BB&N 4:30.0
Derryfield School 4:35.4
Berkshire School 4:38.7
Concord HS 4:48.7
Central HS 5:26.6

Mens Second Fours:
BB&N 4:43.5
Berkshire School 4:49.4
Derryfield School 4:52.5
Central HS 4:53.5
Concord HS 4:57.0

Mens Third Fours:
BB&N 5:19.6
BB&N 4th boat 5:26.2
Berkshire School 5:34.2
Derryfield School 6:11.0

Women's Racing

Womens First Fours:
Concord HS 5:39.4
Central HS 5:41.5
Derryfield School 5:46.1
Berkshire School 5:53.9

Womens Second Fours:
Derryfield School 5:42.9
Central HS 5:47.9
Derryfield School 3rd boat 5:59.0
Berkshire School 6:04.0

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