High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys & Girls Eights,Old Lyme, EO Smith, Guilford, Old Saybrook, Valley
May 2, 2018; Rogers Lake, Old Lyme, CT

Submitted by Paul Fuchs.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Wind: Cross Headwind 9-13mph, quite choppy in two sections; just after the start and 500 to go.
Comments: A lovely day, if a bit breezy. At times quite a bit of chop. Thanks to all for coming to our lake!


Men's Racing

First Boat:
LOL 5:13.4
Guilford 5:36.8
EO Smith 6:46.8

Second Boat:
Guilford 5:46.2
LOL 6:03.9

Third Boat:
Guilford Novice 6:41.3
EO Smith 7:10.5

Women's Racing

First Boat:
LOL 6:10.1
EO Smith 6:16.5
Guilford 6:19.7
Old Saybrook 6:46.2

Second Boat:
Guilford 6:53.6
LOL 6:54.3
EO Smith 2 7:17.5
EO Smith 3 7:32.8

Third Boat:
Guilford Novice A 6:20.8
LOL Novice A 6:32.1
Old Saybrook NoviceA 6:56.2
EO Smith Novice A 7:03.5
Valley Novice A 8:25.8

Fourth Boat:
Old Saybrook Novice B 7:50.1
EO Smith Novice B 8:07.2

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