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High School/Scholastic: St. Mary’s Academy Bay View Eights vs. Covenant of the Sacred Heart, East Bay Rowing, Narragansett
April 23, 2016; Providence, RI

Submitted by Brent Basso.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Tailwind and tail current. Some events had floated past starting line before races started, so times between races should not be compared.
Comments: Thank you coaches and crews for coming out for a good day of racing!


Varsity 8
Bay View 5:05.4
Sacred Heart 5:16.8
East Bay 5:31.5

2nd Varsity 8
Narragansett Boat Club 5:01.9
Bay View 5:06.2
Sacred Heart 5:13.8
East Bay 5:17.9

3rd Varsity 8+:
Bay View 5:39.6
Sacred Heart 5:46.6

4th Varsity 8+:
Sacred Heart 6:38.9

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