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Collegiate Women: Bryant vs. JWU
April 23, 2016; Stillwater Reservoir

Submitted by Mark LaBossiere.

Distance: 2000
Conditions: 8mph head wind for the first 500m which turned into a a cross wind from starboard. Moderate chop for the first 1000m which flattened out the closer the boats got to the finish.
Comments: There is a 45 degree turn at 500m in on the Bryant course.


Varsity 8
Johnson & Wales University 8:11.0
Bryant University 8:47.0

Varsity Four
Bryant University (A) 8:15.9
Johnson & Wales University 8:42.8
Bryant University (B) 9:12.2

Frosh/Novice Four:
Bryant University 9:18.0
Johnson & Wales University 9:32.7

Frosh/Novice 8
Bryant University 8:52.9
Johnson & Wales University 9:16.3

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