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Collegiate Women: Fawley Cup: Washington State University and Gonzaga University
April 3, 2021; Wawawai Landing (Snake River) Colton, WA

Submitted by Sam Clifford, Washington State University.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Conditions: cross headwind 5-6mph at the start of the racecourse to the 1000m mark. Conditions on the bottom half of the course were a cross headwind of 10mph. Lower Granite Dam outflow at 9:00AM: 64,400[cubic feet/second] and at 10:00AM 45,900 [cf/s].


Varsity 8
WSU 7:09.42
GU 7:16.89

2nd Varsity 8
WSU 7:24.24
GU 7:31.97

Varsity Four
WSU 8:13.04
GU 8:23.31

GU 8:03.28
WSU 8:20.68

WSU 8:13.03
GU 8:27.20

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