High School/Scholastic: BB&N vs. Groton
April 23, 2016; Power House in Boton

Submitted by John Cotter.

Distance: 1250
Conditions: There was a quartering head wind of about 5 MPH at the start, and stayed constant until it picked up to about 10 MPH for the 1 V race.
Comments: Thanks to Groton for some good racing, and for both schools being able to run on time for all races.


Men's Racing

Women's Racing

4V :
BB&N 5:06.3
Groton 5:48.1

Groton 4:49.2
BB&N 4:57.1

Groton 4:28.3
BB&N 4:30.4

Groton 4:28.6
BB&N 4:34.6

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