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High School/Scholastic: St. Mark's School (Girls' Fours) vs. Newton Country Day, Nobles, Cambridge Rindge & Latin
May 4, 2016; Lake Quinsigamond

Submitted by Liz Cavanaugh.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Aggressive cross-tailwind; conditions opened up in the last 750 causing moderate chop.
Comments: Race order 4-2-3-1. V4 and 2V4 started 1 length over the line. Cross/tail caused some significant issues and delays in starts; restart in the 3V4 race. Thank you to visiting crews for coming out on a late Wednesday!


Varsity Four
St. Mark's 5:25.49
Nobles 5:33.08
CRLS 5:37.46
NCDS 5:39.90

Second Varsity Four:
St. Mark's 5:43.83
Nobles 5:47.46
CRLS 5:47.92
NCDS 5:49.86

Third Varsity Four:
St. Mark's 5:50.25
Nobles 5:51.6
CRLS 6:01.2
NCDS 6:08.17

Fourth Varsity Four:
Nobles 5:57.0
St. Mark's 5:57.3
NCDS 6:11


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