The Remenham Challenge Cup

14Molesey Boat Club 
16Oxford Brookes University A 
18Oxford University Women's Boat Club and Reading Rowing Club 
Did Not Qualify
12Imperial College London7:44.2
21Thames Rowing Club7:46.9
23University of London7:48.1
15Newcastle University7:50.5
22The Tideway Scullers' School7:59.0
25Upper Thames Rowing Club8:07.8
17Oxford Brookes University B8:09.7
24University of Worcester and Worcester Rowing Club8:10.4
9Fulham Reach Boat Club8:14.4
8Exeter University8:15.3
10Green Lake Crew U.S.A9:15.6

The Silver Goblets and Nickalls' Challenge Cup

525P.L. Congdon & S.H. Arnot 
541M. Shi & M. Liang China 
544A.W. Webb & P.D.K. Robinson 
Did Not Qualify
524J.A.H. Clarke & B.S. Cohen U.S.A.8:11.4
543R.J. van den Herik & R.P. Houkes Holland8:11.9
538L.D. Redman & B.J. Edwards8:14.5
523J.C. Casiraghi & P.G. Ghidini Italy8:16.3
542N. Thorn & H. Dietert8:17.7
533G.H. McKirdy & J.E. Tveit8:18.5
520P. Boyes & W. Aldridge8:28.9
522L.J.B. Carrington & N.A. Hazell8:32.5
539M.A.C. Richardson & J.R. Sunderland8:33.1
531P.G.E. Kerswell-Jensen & M.A. Nisbet8:44.6
537P.E. Poynter & T.F. Burton8:57.3
The following did not report for Qualifying Races and are therefore treated as having withdrawn.
530M.A. Jinks & R.A. Jephcote
534A.M. Partridge & R.C. Hawkins

The Wyfold Challenge Cup

233Ardingly Rowing Club 
243Colet Boat Club 
246Exeter Rowing Club 
250HSBC Rowing Club 
253Lady Elizabeth Boat Club Ireland 
255Leeds Rowing Club 
257London Rowing Club B 
258Maidenhead Rowing Club 
263Molesey Boat Club B 
265Newark Rowing Club 
266Norwich Rowing Club A 
276Thames Rowing Club B 
284Tyrian Club 
286Upper Thames Rowing Club B 
Did Not Qualify
288Vesta Rowing Club A7:33.3
260Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club B7:33.8
236Cambridge '99 Rowing Club7:33.9
269Nottingham Rowing Club B7:35.5
267Norwich Rowing Club B7:37.4
271Radley Mariners7:37.6
247Globe Rowing Club7:37.9
241City of Sheffield Rowing Club7:38.1
287Upper Thames Rowing Club C7:38.3
238City of Bristol Rowing Club7:40.3
244Derby Rowing Club7:40.6
234Army Rowing Club7:40.8
240City of Oxford Rowing Club7:40.8
283Tyne United Rowing Club7:43.1
239City of Cambridge Rowing Club7:43.2
274Stratford-upon-Avon Boat Club7:43.9
282Tyne Amateur Rowing Club B7:44.2
281Tyne Amateur Rowing Club A7:45.7
237Cantabrigian Rowing Club7:46.4
293York City Rowing Club7:46.6
235Broxbourne Rowing Club7:50.5
279Trentham Boat Club7:53.3
292Worcester Rowing Club B7:53.4
280Twickenham Rowing Club7:55.3
270Putney Town Rowing Club7:56.1
289Vesta Rowing Club B7:59.7
259Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club A8:05.2
242City of Swansea Rowing Club8:10.3
264Monmouth Rowing Club 
272Seeclub Zürich Switzerland 

The Princess Grace Challenge Cup

303Cambridge University Women's Boat Club and Imperial College London 
310Nottingham Rowing Club A 
319Saratoga Rowing Association U.S.A. 
324University of London 
325Wallingford Rowing Club and Glasgow University 
Did Not Qualify
321Star and Arrow Club and Henley Rowing Club8:13.9
305Durham University and Christiania Roklub, Norway8:14.0
315Reading Rowing Club8:14.7
306Edinburgh University8:23.2
314Princeton University U.S.A.8:26.0
322The Tideway Scullers' School A8:29.3
307Exeter University8:36.9
312Oxford Brookes University8:38.4
313Oxford Brookes University and Maidenhead Rowing Club8:38.9
317Reading University A8:40.4
323The Tideway Scullers' School B8:42.7
311Nottingham Rowing Club B8:50.7
318Reading University B 

The Thames Challenge Cup

32Auriol Kensington Rowing Club 
36Cantabrigian Rowing Club 
38City of Bristol Rowing Club 
40City of Oxford Rowing Club 
48Kingston Rowing Club 
52London Rowing Club B 
55Marlow Rowing Club A 
58Molesey Boat Club B 
60Nonesuch Boat Club 
71Sabrina Rowing Club 
72St. Neots Rowing Club 
76Thames Rowing Club B 
82Ursus Boat Club 
Did Not Qualify
78Twickenham Rowing Club7:21.8
83Vesta Rowing Club A7:21.8
54Maidenhead Rowing Club7:23.9
44Exeter Rowing Club7:24.9
53London Rowing Club C7:25.0
42Curlew Rowing Club7:26.5
77Thames Rowing Club C7:26.8
56Marlow Rowing Club B7:27.1
65Reading Rowing Club7:27.2
50Lea Rowing Club B7:27.5
35Cambridge '99 Rowing Club7:28.7
61Nottingham & Union Rowing Club7:29.0
37Cardiff City Rowing Club7:29.2
33Bedford Rowing Club7:29.9
81Upper Thames Rowing Club B7:30.0
43Dart Totnes Amateur Rowing Club7:31.1
85Walton Rowing Club7:34.9
62Parr's Priory Rowing Club7:37.3
64Quintin Boat Club B7:37.5
84Vesta Rowing Club B7:43.5
39City of Cambridge Rowing Club7:44.8
68Royal Air Force Rowing Club7:57.0
47HSBC Rowing Club8:12.0

The Visitors' Challenge Cup

212Amsterdamsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Nereus Holland 
214Cambridge University and Goldie Boat Club 
218George Washington University B U.S.A. 
223Newcastle University 
Did Not Qualify
224Nottingham University7:42.6
215Cambridge University Lightweight Rowing Club8:03.7
211Algemene Utrechtse Studenten Roeivereniging Orca Holland 
219Imperial College London and The Tideway Scullers' School 
222Molesey Boat Club and Leander Club 
230Utrechtsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Triton and Algemene Groningen Studenten Roeivereniging Gyas Holland

The Temple Challenge Cup

91Clare Boat Club, Cambridge and Hughes Hall Boat Club, Cambridge 
94Cornell University B U.S.A. 
110Imperial College London B 
117Liverpool University 
122Nottingham Trent University 
125Oxford Brookes University C 
133St. Paul's School B 
141University College London A 
148University of London B 
150University of Michigan B U.S.A. 
156Westminster School 
Did Not Qualify
105Grand Valley State University U.S.A7:16.9
126Oxford Brookes University D7:18.4
136Shiplake College7:19.3
135Sheffield University7:19.6
99Eton College A7:20.1
127Pembroke College, Cambridge7:20.2
111Imperial College London C7:20.9
151University of Warwick A7:21.5
132St. Paul's School A7:21.6
157Wolfson College, Oxford7:24.1
138Southampton University7:25.1
88Bournemouth University7:26.1
106Hampton School7:26.3
131St. Aidan's College, University of Durham7:27.4
116Lady Margaret Boat Club and Robinson College, Cambridge7:30.1
145University of Bristol B7:30.5
100Eton College B7:35.1
95De Montfort University7:35.3
108Heriot Watt University7:35.4
103Exeter University B7:36.6
130Royal Holloway, University of London and St. Barts & The Royal London Hospitals, London7:37.0
140The London Oratory School7:37.0
89Cardiff University7:37.4
152University of Warwick B7:38.5
137Shrewsbury School7:38.8
113King's College School, Wimbledon7:38.9
101Eton College C7:40.1
142University College London B7:41.3
128Queens' College, Cambridge7:41.4
153University of Warwick C7:43.7
155University of Worcester7:47.1
87Bedford School7:53.0
129Reading Blue Coat School7:56.0
154University of Warwick D7:59.8
112Jesus College, Cambridge7:59.9
97Dulwich College8:04.8
121Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration Norway9:02.5
The following did not report for Qualifying Races and are therefore treated as having withdrawn.
139The King's School, Chester 
90Churchill College, Cambridge and Wolfson College, Cambridge 
115Koninklijke Studenten Roeivereeniging Njord B Holland 
120Newcastle University B 

The Double Sculls Challenge Cup

557K. Lorentzen & S. Vinje Norway 
559T.D.A.C. Male & M.R. Mitchell 
562D.R.N. Neale & S.M. Jacob Ireland 
566J.R. Thompson & T.K. Carter 
567O. Tietz & T.P. McKall 
Did Not Qualify
568G.R. Twardy & M.D. Durica U.S.A.8:13.7
565T.F. Rudkin & B.T. Eames8:17.5
564A.T.M. Rennie & W.P.J. Hoodless8:17.7
558W.H. Mackworth-Praed & E.J. Barton8:17.9
561F.M.P. Mitchell-Dwelly & J.L.D. Davies8:19.6
554G. Graca & B.T. Pickering8:37.2
546C.E.H. Bannister & O.J.C. Partridge8:38.6
555T.D. Halliday & T.P. Dolby8:42.7
547A.D. Bird & H.R. Floyd8:49.1
556R.A. Jephcote & M.A. Jinks8:49.8
551Z. Chen & X. Li China0:31.9
The following did not report for Qualifying Races and are therefore treated as having withdrawn.
563T. Oliver & P.W. Doyle 
550J.B. Bøhn & T.A. Alhert Norway 

The Prince of Wales Challenge Cup

329Durham University A 
331Edinburgh University and Durham University 
335Leander Club B 
339Newcastle University 
340Nottingham Rowing Club A 
344Reading University A 
351Tees Rowing Club 
Did Not Qualify
353The Tideway Scullers' School and Fulham Reach Boat Club7:12.2
343Oxford Brookes University7:14.6
354University of Birmingham7:15.5
341Nottingham Rowing Club B7:21.3
332Hunan Rowing Club China7:22.0
330Durham University B7:28.6
352The Tideway Scullers' School and Fulham Reach Boat Club7:30.4
345Reading University B7:30.6
346Reading University C7:44.0
342Nottingham University7:47.1
337Magdalen College, Oxford and Mansfield College, Oxford7:51.6
336LVS Ascot Boat Club and Walton Rowing Club8:13.9
338Millfield Rowing Club8:48.3

The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup

159Abingdon School 
162Boston College High School U.S.A. 
163Brunswick School U.S.A. 
168Claires Court School 
172Great Marlow School 
175Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas U.S.A. 
178Latymer Upper School 
185Pangbourne College 
189St. George's College 
Did Not Qualify
177Kingston Grammar School7:05.2
194Sir William Borlase's Grammar School7:07.1
179McCallie School U.S.A.7:11.4
170Emanuel School7:16.0
204Yarm School7:17.1
181Millfield School7:18.5
160Bedford Modern School7:20.9
199The Oratory School7:20.9
165Canford School7:22.0
164Bryanston School7:25.3
182Monkton Combe School7:25.3
166Cheltenham College7:25.8
197The King's School, Worcester7:31.9
202Whitgift School 

The Fawley Challenge Cup

378Kingston Rowing Club 
389Molesey Boat Club A 
392Northwich Rowing Club B 
401Star and Arrow Club 
403Thames Rowing Club 
414Westminster School 
Did Not Qualify
372Globe Rowing Club7:17.9
390Molesey Boat Club B7:19.4
415York City Rowing Club7:20.1
402Star Club7:23.6
358Abingdon School C7:24.9
370George Watson's College7:26.0
410Tiffin School A7:26.5
383Llandaff Rowing Club7:28.0
408The Tideway Scullers' School7:29.5
412Tyne Amateur Rowing Club7:29.9
397Royal Grammar School, Worcester A7:30.2
393Norwich School7:30.9
404The Grange School7:32.0
364Durham School A7:34.0
360Broxbourne Rowing Club7:34.4
357Abingdon School B7:34.8
413Wallingford Rowing Club7:36.1
367Eton College B7:38.1
395Radley College7:39.7
376Hinksey Sculling School A7:42.1
380Latymer Upper School7:42.2
361City of Bristol Rowing Club7:43.0
411Tiffin School B7:54.1
377Hinksey Sculling School B7:55.3
406The Leys School A7:56.1
398Royal Grammar School, Worcester B7:56.6
385Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club7:57.1
365Durham School B8:11.3
362City of Cambridge Rowing Club8:24.1
407The Leys School B8:51.6
The following did not report for Qualifying Races and are therefore treated as having withdrawn.
394Oundle School 
366Eton College A 
369Frankfurter Rudergesellschaft Germania 1869 e.V. B Germany 
374Henley Rowing Club 
379Kolner Ruderverein von 1877 e.V. Germany 
399Schülerruderverein Kreuzgasse Köln von 1911 Germany 

The Britannia Challenge Cup

462Agecroft Rowing Club 
467Henley Rowing Club 
469Kingston Rowing Club 
483The Tideway Scullers' School A 
485Tyne United Rowing Club 
Did Not Qualify
488York City Rowing Club8:12.0
482Thames Rowing Club B8:12.1
473Rob Roy Boat Club8:12.6
468Itchen Imperial Rowing Club8:14.3
475Royal Navy and Royal Marines Amateur Rowing Association8:21.9
478Southampton Coalporters ARC8:22.5
466Derby Rowing Club8:44.1
471Norwich Rowing Club8:50.5
465Deal, Walmer & Kingsdown Amateur Rowing Club9:24.8
463Akademischer Ruderverein Westfalen Germany 
484The Tideway Scullers' School B 

The Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup

422Gloucester Rowing Club 
426Henley Rowing Club A 
427Henley Rowing Club B 
432Latymer Upper School 
436Northwich Rowing Club A 
440Pangbourne College 
456The Lady Eleanor Holles School A 
Did Not Qualify
420Emanuel School8:27.1
439Nottingham Rowing Club B8:27.3
416Bedford Modern School8:28.4
452Surbiton High School8:28.9
449Sir William Borlase's Grammar School8:29.6
441Putney High School8:29.7
446Shiplake College8:29.8
448Shrewsbury School8:33.3
443St. Edward's School8:33.4
454Thames Rowing Club B8:34.3
445St Paul's Girls' School8:34.7
444St. George's College8:36.7
459Wallingford Rowing Club8:38.3
457The Lady Eleanor Holles School B8:41.2
423Godolphin & Latymer School8:46.0
461Yarm School8:47.8
450Sir William Perkins's School A8:49.7
419City of Oxford Rowing Club8:51.4
418Cheltenham College8:53.4
455The King's School, Chester8:55.0
433Llandaff Rowing Club8:55.3
437Northwich Rowing Club B8:55.8
435Molesey Boat Club B9:02.3
431Kingston Grammar School9:06.1
417Broxbourne Rowing Club9:06.7
451Sir William Perkins's School B9:09.3
429Hollowell Scullers B9:17.5
458The Leys School9:30.8
428Hollowell Scullers A9:39.3
424Green Lake Crew U.S.A. 

The Prince Albert Challenge Cup

490Choate Rosemary Hall U.S.A. 
494Edinburgh University B 
504St. Hild & St. Bede College, Durham 
508Strathclyde University A 
515University of St. Andrews 
516University of Surrey 
Did Not Qualify
511Trinity College, Dublin B Ireland8:16.0
517University of the West of England8:22.8
502Newcastle University B8:23.9
518University of York8:32.2
514University of Kent8:34.4
505St. Hild & St. Bede College, Durham and St. Cuthbert's Society, Durham8:34.7
509Strathclyde University B8:34.7
506St. Paul's School, Concord U.S.A.8:41.7
500New College, Oxford8:42.7
497Imperial College School of Medicine, London8:44.2
499McCallie School U.S.A.8:45.6
507Sheffield University8:50.2
513University of East London8:55.2
512University College London9:05.7
498Liverpool University9:30.3

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