Jockey parody 2: Twickenham

L-R: Mr Doug Knox; Mr Paul Utting; Mr Simon "Spike" Pullen and Mr Hugo Clarke.
Photo by Mr James Kirkman (chief Twickendale)
Photographic equipment unwittingly provided by Mrs Wendy Nicholls

Commentary from the sender (of Twickenham RC):

I'm starting to think I should move to the US... view the attached image for the best Twickenham can produce in the battle of the beef (liitle stars included to protect the innocent).

(Actually, it's less beef and more mutton)

if you look closely enough you can see the seat marks left over from a hard outing, but we wouldn't recommed it...

The moral of the story is that novice women should never leave their cameras behind the club bar unattended.

To the Jockey ad that inspired these antics.

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