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Top Images of 2023
12/16: HOCR Boatyard
December 16, 2023
Here's a Head Of The Charles aerial photo of FALS.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/15: Wild Water Effects
December 15, 2023
With all the water involved in the sport of rowing, we will frequently get photographs with some interesting and unusual effects, reflections, and splashes.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/14: Mount Goes Swimming
December 14, 2023
Mount Saint Joseph celebrated at Stotesbury again in 2023, winning multiple events.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/13: U23 Champs
December 13, 2023
The U23 women's eight won the U23 world championship in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in July.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/12: Tiger Lights Dominate IRAs
December 12, 2023
The Princeton Lightweight men and women dominated this year's IRA regatta at Mercer Lake, NJ.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/11: Philly Shenanigans
December 11, 2023
The Philadelphia Youth Regatta has figured out how to make the medals about as fun as possible.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/10: Swiss Pair Celebration
December 10, 2023
The Swiss men's pair had a phenomenal season in 2023, capped off with an A Final win at the World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/9: Drexel Celebrates Vails Championship
December 9, 2023
The Dad Vail Regatta was capped of with the Drexel men's varsity winning the grand final in their event to take the team points trophy as well.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/8: Racing in the Rain
December 8, 2023
Junior Worlds this year in Paris got hit with all the weather, including a massive storm cell that rolled over the course on Friday afternoon.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/7: HOCR Emergency Brake
December 7, 2023
Here's a photo of a coxswain who got into a pinch coming into the last turn at the Head Of The Charles  more

Top Images of 2023
12/6: SIRA Sunrise
December 6, 2023
Here's a pic of the launch dock at sunrise prior to the the start of racing at 2023 SIRA.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/5: Luwis Wins Bronze
December 5, 2023
American lightweight single sculler Sophia Luwis capped an epic year of racing, winning the bronze medal at the in the LW1x at the World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/4: Henley Celebrations
December 4, 2023
Two of our favorite celebration photos from the 2023 Henley Royal Regatta.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/3: Maine Waterfall
December 3, 2023
This is the Great Falls of the Androscoggin River in Lewiston, Maine for the Riverfest Regatta in July.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/2: Williams Tops IRA D3
December 2, 2023
The Williams Men won both the Varsity 8+ and Second Varsity 8+ finals at this year's IRA Regatta at Mercer Lake, NJ.  more

row2k Photos
Top Images of 2023
December 1, 2023
For the month of December, row2k is featuring the top images of 2023, one per day.  more

Top Images of 2023
12/1: Stakeboat Holder View
December 1, 2023
We kick off our review of our favorite images of 2023 with this stakeboat holder view of a start during the USRowing Winter Speed Order in Sarasota, FL.  more

Another round of Ten Years After photos, this time from the 2023 pairs and fours. Lot of movement between boat classes and sculling vs sweep in this group.  more

Continuing with then and now images of 2013 Junior Worlds athletes who raced in the 2023 World Championships, here is a batch of women's scullers from Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.  more

Now that World Champs is over, back to the important stuff: boat names!  more

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