Competitive Edge
Coach Kaehler
Weight Matters for Endurance Athletes
October 5, 2011
Are you headed up or down with your weight? Or are you right where you want to be? Two of the most common questions I get from high school rowers concern weight loss and gain. No matter what your level of rowing is, monitoring your body composition is a great idea.  more

Coach Kaehler
Intensity Consistency
September 19, 2011
Speed up your athletic development by developing consistent and powerful strokes over longer periods of time and during repeated intervals.  more

Coach Kaehler
Posture and Rowing
August 29, 2011
Posture is a culmination of life’s activities and tendencies. At the same time, our posture inevitably reflects our effort and commitment to improving it, or in some cases not.  more

Coach Kaehler
Pushing Your Comfort Zone
July 7, 2011
Rowing has its share of overuse injuries. Careful planning and learning to listen to your body’s signals are essential to minimizing the impact of overuse injuries.  more

Coach Kaehler
Strength & Conditioning Practices in Rowing
May 18, 2011
Rowing is one of the most demanding of all endurance sports. While most of the energy contribution comes from aerobic metabolism, anaerobic qualities such as muscular strength and power are also key predictive qualities leading to overall rowing success.  more

Coach Kaehler
Ease into the Catch - Part 2
April 27, 2011
Do you use momentum to get the last few inches of reach as you approach the catch? Or do you get there with freedom and ease? Your body, like all physical objects, follows the path of least resistance. Your catch length -- the distance your hips and shoulders travel into the stern -- can vary based on your flexibility and strength.  more

Coach Kaehler
Drink up! Hydration and Training
April 5, 2011
The body is composed of 50-70% water (norm = 60%), and maintaining this balance is critical in regulating body temperature and cellular stasis. For endurance sports athletes, proper hydration is a key factor in effective training and race performance.  more

Rowing, like all sports, involves acceleration and deceleration of the body. Endurance training tends to focus primarily on improving our engines and fuel – rightly so. However, the flip-side of this kind of conditioning is that we often neglect our shock absorbers. And weakness in the shock absorbers can then result in injuries to the frame.  more

Coach Kaehler
Protein Supplements and Post Training Recovery
February 17, 2011
Do you take dietary protein supplements to enhance your training recovery? While much research has been done to examine how different whole food supplements affect muscle protein balance -- muscle protein synthesis (MPS) vs. muscle protein breakdown (MPB) -- after sessions of resistance training, one conclusion is clear...  more

Coach Kaehler
Ease Into The Catch
January 27, 2011
Have you ever been told that you need to get more reach at the catch? Coach Kaehler gives you some exercises to improve.  more

Coach Kaehler
Improving your Hamstring Flexibility
December 28, 2010
Have you ever complained that your hamstrings always feel tight? No matter how much you stretch your hamstrings, they never seem to become more flexible?  more

Coach Kaehler
Balance your rowing program
November 16, 2010
Do you feel the need to try and balance out your rowing program by cross-training? You can create your own 20-minute balancing program by doing some strengthening exercises that target the opposing (antagonist) muscles to those which are used on the drive of the rowing stroke.  more

Coach Kaehler
Flexibility and Strength Training
September 23, 2010
Can your strength training regime also help improve your flexibility? Many athletes use passive stretching as a way to increase their flexibility which can help improve their training results, however recent research demonstrated that strength training alone was another way to increase joint range of motion.  more

The sport of rowing inherently places great stresses on the entire body and being conditioned to such stresses can mean the difference between rowing all season or simply recovering on the injured list. Conditioning for the rowing movement is essential for injury prevention, maintenance of fitness level and peak performance in competition.  more

The heart of January is the heart of winter erg training, and what better way honor the erg than with an interview with Mike Cavistion. Mike is inventor, teacher, and practitioner of the Wolverine Plan, one of the most intense training plans in the sport.  more

Masters Rowing and Strength Training
February 20, 2008
It's intuitive that masters rowers need to mitigate the effects of aging. Loss of muscle mass is a symptom of growing older. This writer has included 2 to 3 gym workouts every week... until the year just ended.  more

Strength Training for Masters Rowers
June 18, 2007
The on-water season is well underway - now is the time to maximize your base by taking it up one level-and delivering some muscle to those foot stretchers.  more

The Masters of Chow
August 7, 2006
At regattas you are often find a smattering of masters athletes that have it all figured out  more

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