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There's no question that elite sport is a tough business. But there is an increasingly sinister edge to many of these stories. Is this just part of the tough business of sport? How are we setting athletes up for these big moments in their lives? What expectations, what narratives and what images dominate?  more

Holidays 2020: Reads for Rowers
November 27, 2020
2020 was a good year for rowing books; here's a selection to keep the rower(s) in your life happy over the holidays!  more

An excerpt from Adam Kreek's book 'The Responsibility Ethic,' on strategies exceptional people use to do the work and make success happen.  more

A not very well known story about George and Stan Pocock
Grasping the Shadow
December 22, 2014
When Pocock Racing Shells was essentially subsidizing the Sport of Rowing in North America; an excerpt from Peter Mallory's Sport of Rowing.  more

A chapter from Toby Ayer's book in progress about Harry Parker, describing a full season from a few years ago; the events in the excerpt occurred in March during Harvard practices and selection.  more

Book Excerpt
'Pieces of Eight,' by Chris Dodd
July 31, 2012
The recent North Korean flag mix-up on the eve of the London 2012 Games reminded rowing historian and journalist Christopher Dodd of a similar flap at the start of the 1975 Rowing World Championships, which he recounted in his book, 'Pieces of Eight.'  more

Book Excerpt: The Sultan's Helmsman
October 8, 2009
An excerpt from The Sultan's Helmsman, the new novel by row2k columnist Rob Colburn.  more

Two excerpts from Lew Cuyler's authorized biography of Ernestine Bayer.  more

From David Halberstam: "The young women in this book are pioneers-they triumphed not merely over the favored Russian and Romanian women in England, but their greatest triumphs were back in their own country against all the prejudices of the era about what women were not supposed to do."  more

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