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John Cantrill and I turn out a pretty good Penn Freshman Lightweight Crew in 1971. Yessirree! With nicknames like Magic Man and Salt Man and Bolt Man and Dent Man and Alt Man and Space Man. Terrific year, and only a single horror story.  more

Ironically, I ran all three of my "official" marathons, 1969, 1973 and 1977, in about the same time. So much for improving with age.  more

Eventually it came to me that I was a consummate rule-follower, still am, always have been.  more

This year it will be a lightweight quad, four guys with two oars each and no coxswain, and we're returning to Hunter Island Lagoon  more

Old shirts mean you haven't lost in a while.  more

That Jayvee crew of ours turns out to have a very satisfying season.  more

But just one absolutely perfect race . . . and a sense of loss, for now we know what is possible!  more

The noise of the grandstand is growing close. I hardly notice. I wonder if I will want to stop at the finish . . . or keep on rowing forever.  more

Respect for your opponent. Respect for what you and he or she just accomplished. Respect for what each of you put into it. Respect for taking part in one of the greatest sports in the world.  more

Our second day is to be a much sterner test.  more

Looking back on that day, I can tell you that I felt betrayed by my own sport. I had given it everything, and it had turned on me.  more

We, the Brown Cinderella Crew, are passing a pier on the Severn River in Annapolis. The old fisherman up top calls down to us.  more

Most rowing coaches that I have known in my life tend to dread that day each year when they first attempt to boat their best eight, for much of the time their preconceptions turn out to be disastrously off base.  more

As we continue down the course, I visualize getting the medal framed atop a photo of our boat, our National Champion boat!  more

If you lay back fast enough in a middling crab the handle may strike you once on the chest and once on the nose or forehead before it snags alongside of the boat.  more

As the afternoon final for the varsity heavies approached, the headwind from the morning events reasserted itself and, unusually, a rather thick fog descended on the race course in Princeton.  more

Vesper's heavyweight eight had won the Olympic Gold Medal in Tokyo in 1964, so every stud in the country is trying out for their First Boat in 1965  more

All Brown crews are rough water crews.  more

As for Robby Meek, he is remembered by his old Penn teammates for his bad boy reputation  more

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