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The Long-Haul Two-Tank Solution
October 14, 2014
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Two tanks are better than one

Getting set to race at that little regatta up in Boston? For a fair number of folks, HOCR weekend starts--­and ends--­with a long-haul trailer trip, so in honor of the hours you are about to spend on the Mass Pike and beyond, here is a Rowing Hack look at the best way to tackle your longest road-trips each year: an extra gas tank in the bed of your truck--it’s the Long-Haul Two-Tank Solution.

This is a hack we have been sitting on for a while, but given that it is a trick that is currently in use, rolling across the nation even as we post this--­you can even follow it via the hashtag #PocockTrailer ­ --we thought this was the perfect time to share it, even if it is probably too late to get your truck fitted up with one for this week’s trip.

Now, installing an extra gas tank on your tow vehicle goes a bit beyond a mere hack, of course. It is a project that takes some budget-planning and likely some professional help, but if incessant gas stops are the bane of your trailer-driving days, then getting your rig loaded with extra fuel might be just the kind of add-on you are willing to invest in.

John Tytus was kind enough to share these photos of his rig’s set-up: with an extra tank mounted in the bed of the truck and a fuel source control box in the cab, the trailer can roll right through Empty with the flick of a switch. For anyone who has even been on a lonely expanse of interstate without a good gas stop in mind, this can be a real godsend­--and it also takes a bit of the “should I stop now” guess work out of Tytus’ cross-country excursions when he is driving the aforementioned #PocockTrailer.

So if you, like so many of us, are staring down this long and inescapable mid-October drive to Beantown, it might be time to look into what an extra tank set-up might cost you--­and what it might save you the next time you roll out for long ride with the shells.

Since we realize this hack is not going to be much use for this weekend, check out our Rowing Hack tips for filling up fast up when you do stop for gas and, of course, best of luck to all with getting to Boston on that one, measly tank!

Do you have a slam-dunk way to tackle long trailer trips? Share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

Have a great rowing hack to suggest for future inclusion here? Send it to us!

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