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Propeller Beanies, They Might Be Giants (or Phils), and The Crewfather: What Really Went On Last Week in Rowing
May 16, 2024
row2k staff

For those about to rock...

Yep, for those about to rock--like this guy--here's a full recap of what we spotted as May starts to hit full stride on regionals and conference championships...and he wasn't the only one "ready to rock" this weekend:

And so, yeah:

We do salute you...and here's the rest of the Recap:

Superfan of the Weekend?

This guy?

Or 'The Crewfather'?

Was it Still Rainy This Weekend?

Yes it was, whew.

This guy made a valiant attempt to stay ahead of the rain in his shell

Tho maybe these guys just need a bigger boat.

And it was a bit chilly for racing unis, despite what the calendar telling us it is May.

but these two had the right idea:

and this coxswain might've been have sported the smartest head gear:

But not the best headgear:

Who Rain-proofed Better?


row2k photo

Lotta Locals on the Loose

Alerting all AQ refs this coming weekend, lot of locals on the water in Camden:

With five NCAA bids--and all that comes with them--riding on some goose-free racing this weekend at the Cooper, we hope folks are on the look-out, so we can avoid all the trouble Texas had with last year's flock.

Not Having It this Week

Not her:

row2k photo

And not her either:

Or maybe she was having it after all:

Heads Up, Hoyas!

Good thing the two crews in this sequence know each other:


So there was very little yelling amongst all these fellow Hoyas after this close call on the way to/from the Dad Vail medal dock.

Podium Sock Season

Already spotting some good ones.

row2k photo

Honorable mentions for the popping champagne socks on the stroke of this same Mercyhurst crew and the URI W8's pop tart socks.

When Granddad Has a Yellow Jacket

He gets to give you your medal: Congrats to Jack Woodruff, 3 seat of the Temple 3V, and his grandfather, Jack Galloway.

row2k photo

Galloway, among his many other contributions to rowing, served as the Chairman of the Dad Vail for more than twenty years.

DIY Bow Number

We've all seen this trick, of course:

row2k photo

But using the electrical tape to black out a bigger number? Genius hacking.

row2k photo

As is this DIY bow clip:

row2k photo

They Might Be Giants

row2k photo

row2k photo

If that joke's too subtle, check out their hats--the program at San Miguel is supported in part by the NY Giants Foundation as well as the A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund.

Tat of the Week

Pretty fitting rower art here:

row2k photo

How so? It's the chemical formula for Tylenol.

Spare Sunnies?

Does a coxswain really need two of everything to be fully prepared?

row2k photo

Maybe if we can get her to do a Driver's Seat interview, we can ask her!

Rubbin' is Racing

Saw a bit of 'tradin' paint' at Vails:

row2k photo

But as Tom Cruise learned in "Days of Thunder," 'rubbin', son, is racing...'

You can take the Vails Outta Philly But...

But you can't take the Philly outta the Vails:

row2k photo

Or the Phillies:

row2k photo

Alphabet Soup

Whole lotta letters getting flashed out there, from Nereid N's:

row2k photo Mercer M's:

row2k photo Wisco W's

row2k photo

Can't wait to see what letters we catch this weekend...and if we see any good ones, you'll hear all about it in next week's Recap.

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