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Rowing Hack: The Locked Hitch
December 7, 2023
John FX Flynn, row2k

The Locked Hitch Hack

row2k spotted this slick trick in action at the Hooch: want to keep your hitch from getting stolen off the back of your truck? Just lock it to the trailer when you drive away. Meet the Locked Hitch Hack.

We've looked at ways to make your hitch unsteal-able before, but the trailer-wranglers at the Milwaukee Rowing Club have taken hitch security to a new level here.

Rather than worry about keeping the hitch from getting stolen while it is on the truck sans trailer, they just leave their hitch where it "belongs"--on the trailer--but securely locked in the receiver so it is ready when they need it for the trip back home.

Although taking the hitch off and locking it in the truck might be the smartest play, that can get you greasy, and while it is pure common sense, it is no Rowing Hack. This trick however, takes care of keeping the hitch safe, and even makes your truck that much easier to park at the hotel, hitch-less, without the hassle and mess.

We are guessing that this is a pretty easy hack after you get your trailer parked: just slap on the lock, remove the hitch pin, and pull away. Hard to argue with a trick that makes for a quick getaway after a long trip.

and, yep, it was still there the next morning...
and, yep, it was still there the next morning...

When they hitch back up, it would--of course--take some impressive backing skills to get the hitch reattached on the truck without taking it off the trailer first, but maybe they have studied up on the How to Back Up Better hack and can pull it off.

Whether you invest in a lock to try this trick, use the old stand-by hack linked above of backing the truck and hitch against something immovable, or just take the hitch off to stow it away, keeping your hitch un-stolen prevents your regatta weekend from ending on a sour "now how do we get home" moment--the whole trailering endeavor does hang on the hitch after all.

Do you have a cool trick for making the trailering end of things easier, like this idea or maybe the Trailer Hitch Tape Hack? If so, share your ideas--and hacks--in the comments below.

If you have a great rowing hack to suggest for future inclusion, then please send it to us and we will feature your idea in a future column.

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