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Lost Riggers, Peacekeepers, and Near Bumps: Recapping the Rest of Head Race Season
November 9, 2023
row2k staff

We all scream for the row2k Recap...

Safe to say row2k watched a several thousand crews race past us these past few weeks, so here's some things we, umm, took notes on for you:

Flipping Can Be Funny

Even to this flippee at HOSR:

Buoys Can be Tricky

And Folks Still Have Start Line Game

There was no rust on the start line shenanigans at the Mercer Fall Classic, even after a fall of head racing:

And, apparently, the Radnor horns thing lives:

(this is the second time that Radnor folks have made the shenanigans portion of the Recap, so well played.)

This Week's Episode of 'Heard on the Bridge'

  • From a coxswain, to crew members: 'No coxing!! I'm the coxswain, stop coxing!'
  • Parent 1 looking for crews on the warmup to the start: 'They already went past.' Parent 2: 'Good because he doesn't want us to see him.'
  • From a parent: 'We gotta give them a Power 10!! POWER 10!!'
  • In a novice eight race, with 400 meters to go: 'You can't give up now! Seriously, don't give up now!'
  • and this week's winner: 'I can't cowbell and take pictures.'

Boat Name, or Coxswain's Job?

Speaking of Boat Names

Just sayin'...

Have 7, Will Race

No word (yet!) on whether this crew had a ham sandwich in that three seat.

Have Oar, Need Rigger

Though this photo does beg the question: how did he keep the oar while losing the rigger?

Have Map, Can Cox

No way this coxswain was getting lost at Head of the Lake:

The Costuming Continues...

Halloween ain't over until regatta people say it is--despite what Home Depot says--and we saw some good ones at the Head of the Occoquan even though it is definitely November:

And of course the galleries from the Head of the Schuylkill featured the usual array of get-ups, including what might be the cleverest rowing costume we've seen in a while:

We also spotted plenty of crazy hats, including this one at the Hooch:

And, yes, Christmas is coming, as the Head of the Marina reminded us:

Heavy Double Could use a Follow

Turns out the boat which starred in Monday's POTD has his own Facebook page:

row2k photo

Give him a follow here and get updates on all of Heavy Double's adventures with the Albany Rowing Center.

Camera Nerd Bow Number

row2k photo

Selfie Stick for an Eight?

Interesting, for sure.

row2k photo

When Head Racing Gets Bump-y

row2k photo

Yep, things got cozy in The Cut, in between yacht delays.

And, That Feeling When...

You are the last single in the regatta:

row2k photo

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