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What You Missed: IRA Edition
June 7, 2023
row2k staff

Hey, I know that dude...

The IRA took up pretty much all of row2k's attention last weekend, so here is our IRA edition of the Recap:

Everybody in the Lake

When you're the Princeton Light Women and you sweep every event and win the Natty? Well, then everyone swims:


You can see the whole gallery here

Good Gear Choice

They should put this person in charge of something.

Birds of a Feather

Sold Out Crowd

Word is the IRA was a full sell-out on Sunday...and there sure wasn't much room on the 'beach' at Mercer:

and, same shot, different (on-water) angle

A Moment of Zen?

Synced up, Always

When you are a two-time IRA Champ double and haven't lost a race in two years, you do everything in sync:

row2k photo

Check out the whole sequence of the Princeton Light Women's synchronized lake jump starting here.

Yeah, but...

How'd the 2V do?

That was the first thing the 5-seat of Cal's Varsity asked when the media boat pulled alongside. Much like the story in our Sunday Report about the Princeton Light Men's 1V asking after their second boat, these guys wanted to know how the whole team did while they were out doing their own race. Thinking Team first.

Fish Food

Up at the start, it's a boot and rally move, but fish gotta eat at the finish line, too.


No pics, please.

Volley For Warmup

One of the fun-er warm ups we've seen, for sure.

Drone View

The Drone Pilot's POV of the action:

Found It

Chasing gold was pretty much why everyone showed up, right?

Font Size = Small

Maybe drop a few more bucks on the lettering so we can read it?

Eagle's Eye on the Racing

That's a Lotta Hands On

row2k photo

Looked like a Chicken Dipper Learn to Row Day for a sec there.

Hello, My Name is...

The IRA regatta organizers let the crew members say their own names while continuing to hand out medals--it was faster and way more entertaining.

row2k photo

No word on whether the real Slim Shady stood up...

One Sweet Lid

row2k photo

One of the Bates rowers gave IRA Commissioner Gary Caldwell a home made hat.

And Another...

row2k photo

Or, ifyk, Another Cold, well, you'd know...

Yep, that's def a Finger Pic

Yeah, that one's not gonna be fixable in post...

row2k photo

You Know its Over When...

row2k photo

... PNRA chief Kris Grudt hauls away the return docks.

Or maybe that just means it's time for the next massive regatta:

See you in Sarasota, kids.

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