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Cannonballs, Cowbells, and Claws: We Got Fun and Games in Rowing Last Week
May 31, 2023
row2k staff

All in for another week's worth of Recapping?

This is what we spotted, starting with the joys of winning, and the loneliness of the long-distance event coach.

The Cowbell Kid Leads the Cheers

row2k photo

Noisemakers are BACK at NCAAs and this kid was all about it--as was the UVA mom with the cone megaphone, the Williams parent with the spotted cow cowbell, and a dude with the power megaphone/siren, whew.

Watching Coaches Watch the Win

The Wellesley coaches during the D3 1V Grand Final.

Yo, I'm Waiting Up Here!

row2k photo

Coaching Can Be Lonely

row2k photo

Sure, they listen, they win, they throw you in...but then you just get left on the end of the dock.

Choreographed Celebrations Are In

The Montclair women's eight had this routine down--hand on head, hands in the air, then all 'faint'--well, mostly, but 3-seat's gotta 3-seat (amirite?) and 5 just skipped right to the last part.

Some Whoo-Hoo-We-Medaled Push-ups

When the Whitman V8 eight medaled at SRAAs behind repeat winners Winter Park, the coxswain--in her Chuck Taylors--celebrated with some pushups on the stern deck.

And Some Look-at-Us Goggles

From the New Trier Varsity eight that won SRAAs.

Plus Podium Selfies

This year's Bates 2V made it nine wins in a row for the Bobcats in the D3 2V event--and did it by coming through the rep to boot, nbd. Wellesley, who won the overall D3 championship for the second straight year, got a podium selfie, too, and we even saw a start dock selfie this week.

The Hippo Was Back

Meanwhile, the hippo seen at Stotes made it to SRAAs... and clearly takes a lot of effort to inflate, whew--this young lady is one of the regatta's (and Recap's!) unsung heroes for sure.

Welcome to the Jungle

row2k photo

Slash attending the rowing, and yeah, we got fun and games.

Hometown Views for Penn

The "city was out" all weekend at the Cooper, so we got some good skyline views, including this one which will probably be appearing on a row2k calendar near you soon.

And Cockpit Views for Washington

row2k photo

Time to Bring Back Bow Appreciation Week?

Photo Slider of the Week: Heaps of Hand Signs

We saw M's, goalposts, Dubs, horns, rams, a lotta tiger claws, and more:


The End for Otto?

If the name of this boat is any indicator, things may not have ended well for Otto at NCAAs... was this the last thing the Orange saw? We hope not, Otto we hardly knew ye...

The Dreaded Red Flag

Unfortunately everyone saw a red flag after the 2V Grand at NCAAs; you can read more about the protest on the water, and the fowl play that gave the crew good cause to insist the race had not been safe or fair, in our full Sunday report from the Cooper.

We don't see no geese:

row2k photo

The Touch Your Head Drill

row2k photo

Spotted in one Navy crew, where we figure it doubles as salute practice for Mids rowing on the port side.

This Harbinger of Future Fowl Play

After this duck-bomb, maybe we should've seen the fowl play coming:

Pre-Race Shower

Dabbing is Not Dead

row2k photo

Simultaneous row2k Pics

How do we get all the inspiring, unexpected, and comical photos? Lots of photographers looking for comedy. Sometimes we all find them at the same time, and photobomb ourselves.

Ed's shot:

row2k photo

John's shot:

row2k photo

We got another pair a bit later on at the National Riggers Croquet Tournament; you can take a look here and here.

More on the concurrent rigger's tournament:

Then There was This Guy

and, lastly:

A (Very) Minor Correction

In last week's Recap, we thought the ACRA drone caught a (Minnesota) Gopher foraging for berries at this point on the webcast, but the 'hungry Gopher' in question, Michio Morizono, wrote in to say that he was, in fact, collecting honeysuckles, not berries (no word on his hunger level at the time). All apologies to Michio, seen here in the 4 seat of the Minnesota 2V:

...and to any scholastic rowers this past weekend who thought they might find some berries between races at SRAAs.

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