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Rowing Hack: The Shoe Cart
April 21, 2022
John FX Flynn

Last week we brought you the Boat Cart, and we've already had an Oar Cart, so imagine how thrilled we were to spot the next logical hack in the sequence already in use at the Flicks: The Shoe Cart.

Why mess around with a shoe bag or shoe bucket that needs to be lifted and carried when you can just roll those shoes off the dock?

The shopping cart, of course, is well-known life hack, one that Italian grandson-turned-rowing-coach Ray D'Amico said he first saw his grandmother use and now employs on Race Day himself to skip all that bending down and picking up.

The wheels are just half the hack, of course, because the cart is not going to flop closed like a shoe bag, nor--once folded--does it take up space in the trailer the way shoe buckets can.

But perhaps the best bit is that no one else uses this trick, so Coach D'Amico doesn't even have to worry about labelling his cart or losing it in a pile of garbage-bagged shoes at a busy landing dock.

Got a trick that you learned from your grandmother that makes regattas go better? If so, share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

If you have a great rowing hack to suggest for future inclusion, then please send it to us, and we will feature your idea in a future column.

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