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Sculling Hack: Zipped Bottle Holder
June 18, 2021
John FX Flynn

Let's face it: a whole lotta hacks in rowing are just ways to add stuff to our boats that probably should've been there in the first place. One of the key things that definitely should be in there- given that we are a distance and endurance training sport 90% of the time--is a gosh-darn water-bottle holder.

Luckily, cycling--in addition to having gotten this bit right ages ago--has given us some handy bottle holders that we've seen hacked into rowing before once or twice before, but this week we have a slick sculler's tip from David Schnepp, who has used another great hacking tool--the humble zip tie--to bring us the Zipped Bottle Holder.

Now those water bottle cages can be repurposed for rowing a bunch of ways, but there's not much real estate in your 1x to mount it in a way that makes it as accessible as it is on your bike frame. David, though, found a pretty sweet solution by thinking, well, "behind the stretcher" as it were: taking that unused space to the stern of your feet and putting it to some good use.

Here's his how-to: "I use a bicycle water bottle holder attached to the back of the foot stretcher with zip ties (reusable in case I need to make adjustments). It keeps the bottle centered and steady and avoids scratching the finish of the boat."

"I use this in my 1x and 2x. They don’t fall out when carrying the boat [and] the benefit of using reusable zip ties is if you row with people of different size and need to adjust the foot plate up/down. That way you don’t waste zip ties and add more plastic to the trash."

Efficient, adjustable, and eco-friendly? That is a rare hacking trifecta right there and, to be honest, this trick is a lot cleaner looking than socking your water bottle!

Got a cool hacker add-on in your single that makes the other scullers jealous? If so, share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

Have a great rowing hack to suggest for future inclusion, like David did? Send it to us!

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06/18/2021  1:27:03 PM
Another option is to use a water pouch, such as Vapur. No rolling around; pretty much stays where you put it. I can fit it at my feet, in front of my shoes or behind my stretcher.

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