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Rowing Hack: The Handle Dipper
November 5, 2020
John FX Flynn

It's said--amongst Rowing Hackers at least--that one good PVC Hack deserves another and, if you liked last week's Double Divisor, then here is another Anti-Covid use that PVC can help you hack: The Handle Dipper.

Thomas Revelle from UNC Women's Rowing sent this one in last week. Clearly the Tar Heels are not about to out-hacked by Clemson--and we are all for some in-conference rivalry if it means we can see some more cool builds.

Revelle tell us that "with COVID, we are doing thorough pre and post practice cleaning of our oar handles. A standard five gallon bucket is not deep enough to rinse the cleaning solution off an entire sweep handle with a quick dip. Additionally, our nearest spigot/hose is a ways from where we store our oars. My PVC bucket hack solves the height problem and does not use a huge volume of water, which is appreciated each time we are carrying water from the spigot."

"It was a quick and easy build: a piece of 4" PCV pipe with one endcap, some scrap wood, and a couple ball bungies." The result? A free standing wash-station that can go right where it is needed: near the dock and the oar rack. We especially like that it is a work-around that does a better job at its task than a 5 gallon bucket, and that it saves both water and some extra portaging of same to make things work smoother, safer, and easier.

It is also, like last week's build, a pretty clever COVID adaptation, perfect for a time when boathouse around the country are re-inventing and fine-tuning their cleaning techniques to keep crews out on the water.

Truth be told, we've seen a version of this hack before, on duty at Boathouse Row back in the day, but the mark of a good hack is when it is so good it can pop up spontaneously--and do its good work all over the place.

We heard about UNC's version because we asked, so please keep them coming: the more COVID-crushing hacks we can share the better, so we can all get back to racing, instead of just hacking our way through 2020. Go ahead: share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

Have a great rowing hack, like Tom did, to suggest for future inclusion here? Send it to us!

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