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Rowing Hack: Turning A Double Into A Single
October 29, 2020
John FX Flynn and Adam Bruce,

Sure, it's the season of the single, thanks to COVID, but what if you are stuck with a lot of pair/doubles and need to divide those 2x's in half to maximize your number of 1x's? Well, Ed Gunter at Clemson has a boatman-approved hack for that: the Double Divisor.

Intrepid row2k reporter and Chief Southland/Upstate Correspondent Adam Bruce spotted this hack in the wild, where it is being used to get the Tigers out on Lake Hartwell for some solo rowing in somewhat oversized "singles" -- and it is clearly a great way to re-purpose a club's or college's fleet of small boats into, well, small-er boats.

These rigs are the handiwork of Clemson's Boatman and Director of Ops, Ed Gunter, who has been rigging and hacking in D1 Women's rowing for years--and apparently even COVID couldn't throw him a curveball he couldn't handle with a few 2x4s and a bit of our favorite hacking redstone: PVC pipes.

The build is pretty simple: a 2x4 bolted across the gunnels in place of the stern rigger, wide enough to hang a couple pf PVC "pontoons" to give the shell--which will be underloaded and pretty tippy with just a single singler aboard--enough stability to let the sculler get some good rowing in.

Inside the PVC? Just a wee bit of spray foam insulation to give the tube some buoyancy, and to seal the ends.

Gunter even built in a little adjustability in the "arms", so he could fine tune the fit and trim once the rig was right-side up out on the lake. He also included a pivot point and angled the contact point so that the PVC would ride "bow-end-up" and plane on the surface rather than dive under.

Is it a clever enough trick to take its place with the PVC Hack Greats? The Back-Stay Stowers, CLAM Stackers, and Spirit Sticks of the rowing world? Sure, why not--hackers are not picky, after all, and putting a little, or a lot, of PVC in your build is generally hacking gold.

Have you hacked up a COVID-crushing device at your place this year?Share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

Have a great rowing hack to suggest for future inclusion here? Send it to us!

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