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Rowing Hack Redux: Cinder-Blocking Geese
October 1, 2020
John FX Flynn

For $30, a cinder block solution to goose dock invasions

Just like last week's Wing-Nut Rowing Hack, here is a trick that was inspired by a row2k column, improved with a bit of "how can I do this quicker and cheaper" innovating, and then sent right back to us, with a note of thanks for the hacking inspiration. Yet another take on a way to keep your docks goose--and poop--free, it's the cinder block version, sent to us by Pat Hansen.

row2k's first thought, of course, was "whoa, what would the boatman think?!?" Well, probably something like: that's a lot of concrete and sharp edges to put on your rowing dock. A fair point, but hear us out here.

For 30 bucks, Hansen was able to skip past the hacking required for our Goose Line Poles and also avoided the unfortunate side effect of the Anti-Goose Buckets - namely, a lot of standing water and mosquito breeding in the buckets - and cut right to the main goal: keeping those darn geese in the water.

Rope, blocks, a bit of knot-tying and you are done. And the cinderblocks even put the rope right at the optimal goose line height that seems to work so well for whatever reason!

Sure, hunks of concrete might not be the solution for a dock that is in daily use, but if your dock happens to be sitting idle these days, then this could be the simple and cheap solution you are looking for.

After all, the geese don't visit the busy, well-used docks out there, but if they imprint on a dock that doesn't have daily traffic - say, during a global pandemic boathouse shutdown - you will be left with the twin problems of lots of poop and a generation or two of geese who have made themselves very much at home at your place.

So, if no one is launching from your dock much - or even if you just might want to wall off an end of the dock that is not getting used by big boats while everybody is out rowing singles - then this is hands-down your cheapest stop-gap go-to.

Have you put a row2k Hack to good use like this guy did? Share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

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The palm tree float is probably a different hack - would be good on a starting pontoon though
The palm tree float is probably a different hack - would be good on a starting pontoon though

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