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Rowing Hack: The Water Bottle Holder Hack
August 27, 2020
John FX Flynn

To be sure, this will not be the first (nor last!) row2k column to start with this observation, but yes, indeed, it is the Year of the Single, and we would be remiss if we did not include a good hack or two to get your 1x all tricked out to let you train COVID-safe but also hacker-approved. Luckily, Bryan Fraser answered the call and sent us this gem: The Water Bottle Holder Hack.

Simply done is well done in the hack world: Bryan just took a water bottle holder, a spare foot-stretcher bolt, and had the brilliant idea to hack it all together into a handy add-on to his rowing ride.

What we love about Bryan's hacking is the repurposing of a foot-stretcher bolt to hold something more useful for hydration purposes in the boat... and this it is a great way to add something most boats don't have, but could definitely use.

Now, we know that some high-end boats have started adding these as a feature, but pulling off the same trick with spare parts and on the cheap for a boat you already own? Good stuff, no question, and last we checked there are no royalties on just making stuff work for yourself.

What's great about it? Well, let's start with being able to stow your water bottle securely before you take your shell out of the rack and carry it over heads to the dock. That right there is a pretty slick trick—certainly way better than the non-hack, not-comfy 'stick the bottle in my trou' approach that most of us resort to in order to save an extra trip to the dock with our water bottle, seat pad, and spare wrench.

This hack also prevents your water bottle from sliding around the bottom of your boat and wearing a hole in it, and it is certainly a whole lot more visually appealing than the ur-hack for keeping water bottle from rubbing through the carbon: The Socked Water Bottle or its stretchier cousin, the Rubber-Banded Bottle.

Yep, we think every single should have one, and just maybe some bigger boats, too. So, while you are out getting enough water bottle cages to outfit your ergs for COVID-times, pick up an extra one for your 1x… we bet that rummaging around in the shop or even your toolbox will provide the rest—and stay hydrated out there, in the year of the single.

Do you have a 'singles only' hack that you've come up with? Share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

Have a great rowing hack to suggest, like Bryan did, for future inclusion here? Send it to us!

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