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Rowing Hack Redux: The Erg Sanitizer Bottle Cage
August 20, 2020
John FX Flynn

The Erg Sanitizer Bottle Cage

As boathouses look to open and teams out there are starting to come back together, equipment sharing is going to become a thing again, so we thought back to one of our favorite hacks for sanitizing ergs: keeping a spray bottle handy at all times in the erg room by putting it ON the erg, with the Erg Sanitizer Bottle Cage.

You can see our original bit here, where we wrote about finding this hack "in the wild" up at CRI one fall, but the picture says it all. This hack keeps the sanitizer right where it is needed and, as extra bonus in a day and age when folks might be wheeling ergs outside, or moving them daily to get to USRowing's recommended 12 foot spacing, the fact that the bottle stays put as the erg gets moved is a pretty key feature.

We covered a lot of equipment cleaning tips back in March that ight be even more helpful now that the fall is upon us, and Concept 2 even chipped in a good sanitizing solution recipe that you can find there.

Whatever your spray of choice, though, having the spray bottles in reach is probably the best way to ensure that they are used and that any shared ergs are safe ergs--and since it is pretty hard to buy an actual bike these days(!), we are pretty sure you can find lots of "orphaned" bottle cages at your local bike shop, just waiting to become life-saving devices.

Do you have a COVID workaround that you've hacked up at your place? Share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

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