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Crew of the Week - 2010
April 6, 2010
Erik Dresser,

The Cornell Men's HW V8 is Crew of the Week for June 9

Did your crew or a crew you know of have a great race over the weekend? Nominate them for row2k's "Crew of the Week" poll. Nominations must be submitted by 5pm EST each Monday. row2k will then select six outstanding crews for poll voting on Tuesday and Wednesday. The crew with the most votes will be recognized as row2k's "Crew of the Week".

Nomination criteria in 50 words or less:

  • Convince row2k that your crew executed an exceptional race or overcame difficult conditions and or opponent to win.
  • row2k will select six crews from the following categories for the poll.
    • College Men's Heavyweight
    • College Women's Openweight
    • College Lightweight
    • Junior
    • Club/Masters/Elite
  • Only a crew's performance during the previous week will be taken into account during selection.
  • Any crew that wins "Crew of the Week" will be excluded for the rest of the season.

NOTE- This week's poll is for the last three weekends of racing: May 22-June 5

Nominations are closed, please vote below!

Previous Weeks-

  • June 9
    • Winner - Cornell Men's Heavyweight Varsity 8+ - Seeded 8th, the Big Red raced through the reps to make the IRA Grand Final, then knocked off Harvard, Brown, and Syracuse to win the bronze medal.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - California Men's Heavyweight Varsity 8+, Mercyhurst Women's Varsity 8+, Stanford Women's Lightweight Varsity 8+, Virginia Women's Team, Yale Women's Varsity 8+
  • May 19
    • Winner - Mount Saint Joseph Girls - Swept the girls Varsity 8+ events at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, winning the Junior 8+, Lightweight 8+, Second 8+, and Senior 8+. First sweep of the girls 8+ events since 1992.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Cornell Freshmen Lightweight 8+, Dartmouth Men's Heavyweight Varsity 8+, Georgetown Men's Heavyweight Freshmen 8+, Princeton Men's Lightweight Varsity 8+, Yale Women's Varsity 8+
  • May 12
    • Winner - Williams Men's Varsity 8+ - Won the top events at both the New England Championships and ECAC NIRC. The ECAC win was first in program history, and the crew sprinted through rival Trinity for the win.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Albany Junior Girls Varsity 8+, Brock University Men's Varsity 8+, Plant HS Girls, Vassar Women's Varsity 8+
  • May 4
    • Winner - Washington State Men's Varsity 8+ - The club team sprinted through several varsity programs in the final 250 meters of the grand final to win their first WIRA championship in the event and lock up the team points trophy as well.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Cal Women's Team, Harvard Men's Lightweight Varsity 8+, Oklahoma Women's Varsity 8+, University of San Diego Women's Varsity 8+, St. Ursula Academy Girls Novice 8+
  • April 28
    • Winner - Genevra Stone - Won the women's 1x event at NSR #1 while in Medical school at Tufts and training full time.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Bates Men's JV8, Mary Washington Womens V8, Tampa TC Junior 1x, Washington Men's V8, Yale Men's V8
  • April 21
    • Winner - Sacred Heart Women's Lightweight 4+ - During Winter 2010, their Head Coach, half the team, & co-captain all quit. The new coach got 16 new novices racing in one month. This weekend, 4 novices & 1 sophomore placed 2nd at the MAAC Championship in the Women’s Lightweight 4+, breaking school records as the first LTWT boat to medal at the event.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - La Salle Men's Varsity 8+, Loyola Women's Team, Princeton Women's Openweight Varsity 8, Washington State Men's JV 8+
  • April 14
    • Winner - Virginia Men's Novice 8 - Edged out Drexel for the win at the Knecht Cup. After a rough start in choppy, windy conditions, they were 5th at the 1,000 meter mark, and reeled everyone in to finish first by half a second
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Columbia Women, Delaware Men's Lightweight Varsity 8, Pacific Lutheran Men's Varsity 8, Wisconsin Women's Lightweight Novice 8
  • April 7
    • Winner - Cambridge University - Came from behind to beat heavily favored Oxford in the 156th running of The Boat Race
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Jacksonville Men's Varsity 8, Notre Dame Men's Varsity 8, Virginia Women's Varsity 8, Yale Women's Varsity 8
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