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The Greatest Rowing Races You Need to Watch (pt. III)
April 14, 2020
Oli Rosenbladt, row2k

This race looked to be over by halfway, and not in Mahe Drysdale's favor

Here's the third installment of row2k's admittedly partisan and woefully incomplete listing of the races that every rower should see. Got any we need to add? Let us know in the comments below.

Mahe Drysdale vs. Kjetil Borch, 2018 Diamond Sculls Final, Henley
Two years earlier, Mahe Drysdale was on the wrong side of the final at HRR; in 2018, Kjetil Borch had what looked like to be a huge lead on Drysdale deep into the final. Can you guess what happened next?

Watch: YouTube

Grand Final, Men's Varsity Eight, 2008 IRA
In 2008, the Wisconsin Badgers did not get on the water until April 15th, six weeks before the IRA.

Watch: YouTube

Women's Eight, 2002 World Championships
The first title for the US Women since 1995, and arguably the first one in a long string of success for the US in the event.


Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race, 2003
Widely considered to be one of the greatest races in their long rivalry, the 2003 Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race was an epic clash over four miles that came down to a ridiculously small margin at the finish.

Watch: YouTube

Women's Varsity Eight Grand Final, 2019 NCAA
Possibly one of the deepest finals in the NCAA's history, this race was never a sure thing for anyone.


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04/18/2020  4:03:39 PM
HRR 2015 Ladies Plate Final Yale v Washington. Awesome race

04/16/2020  5:24:07 PM
2012 EARC Sprints, Brown v. Harvard, .3 seconds apart.

04/15/2020  8:55:23 PM
Seville 2002 WL2X The Australians can through to just win in a brilliant even split race

1999 Worlds M2- Tompkins and Ginn win by an incredible margin

04/15/2020  12:26:01 PM
How about 2014 Ladies Plate. Cal vs Leander.

04/14/2020  9:10:45 AM
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London 2012 Mens 2x NZ in last place at the 1500, watch the sprint at the end.

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