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January 3, 2020
row2k readers

row2k readers again sent in a slough of great pictures in 2019. Below are our our ten most-viewed reader POTD submissions from the past year!

22 Tangle
Submitted by: Jason Kahn
(October 21, 2019)
Saturday at HOCR in event 13, boat 22 was attempting to overtake another crew near RBC. The other crew refused to yield and ended up knocking off their bow number. The coxswain of 22 grabbed her bow number back out of the water and continued asking the boat to yield, now gesticulating with the bow number.

Moment of Impact
Submitted by: Daniel Amick
(November 12, 2019)
Head of the South 2019 in Augusta GA. Yellow quad was making a correction to get on the correct side of the buoy while the black quad maintained its course.

$hit Happens
Submitted by: Christine Zurawski
(August 25, 2019)
Masters Nationals in Grand Rapids.

Centurion Row
Submitted by: Jason Moskowitz
(September 26, 2019)
Atria Senior Living homes offer indoor rowing. Yesterday they tried rowing on the water for the first time at Sagamore in Oyster Bay, NY. Never before had I seen 100 year olds row!

New Seat
Submitted by: De
(July 9, 2019)
I've been complaining to my pair partner about the seat in our new 2-. After trying out various seats, butt pads, and the like we found an old very used seat which I refused to put on our brand new 2-. Well, she painted it looks new and added the hands that cuddle my butt comfy! Works great. Thank you Di

Conshohocken, PA
Submitted by: Stefan Pons Sztancsa
(June 30, 2019)
The Schuylkill is nicer in Conshohocken.

Merion Mercy Senior Prom
Submitted by: Merion Mercy Academy Rowing
(May 4, 2019)
Senior Prom MMA Rowing at Malta Boathouse.

Sleep In
Submitted by: Ben Jacobs
(July 3, 2019)
How Philly rowers sleep in.

Minneapolis Rowing Club Pair
Submitted by: Sarah Risser
(August 4, 2019)
Two masters rowers from the Minneapolis Rowing Club.

I've Only Just Begun
Submitted by: Barb Miles
(July 25, 2019)

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