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Top Images of 2014 - December 3
row2k photo
Wisco's Battleship Rig

Erik Dresser

December 3, 2014
This is a photo of the Wisconsin Men's Freshmen 8+ this year at IRAs.  They rowed what has been called the "Battleship Rig."  Two starboards in stern pair, four ports in the engine room, and two starboards in bow pair.  Similar to the USS New Jersey perhaps?

This rig was first seen, to row2k's knowledge, being rowed by the Stanford men's varsity 8+ in 2012 and is quite the sight to see on the water.  No rowing by sixes!

The crew's coach, Simon Carcagno, had this to say about the rig of their boat.  "I have 4 novices in that boat and it’s set up so I can put all of the novices behind someone who can put their blade in the water and get them all rowing together. I have tried to unwind it a couple of times, but it goes slower.”

The rig (and crew) performed well at the regatta, finishing in fifth place, less than three seconds out of the medals.

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