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Vertigo, inner ear problems, while exercising on a stationary rowing machine.
Xeno Muller
December 14, 2008
A couple of days ago, one of our rowers told me that rowing helped overcome her inner ear problem.    ...Read More

Race plan for indoor 2Ks!
Xeno Muller
December 3, 2008
Hello 2000 meter racers.    ...Read More

Fun sets of interval on or off the water.
Xeno Muller
November 29, 2008
Hello Rowers, Sometimes it is important to consider changing up the traditional training menu in order to keep motivated to workout.    ...Read More

Rowing is not weight lifting, breathe accordingly.
Xeno Muller
November 23, 2008
Hello Rowers, It came to my attention that breathing technique is not a commonly understood in rowing.    ...Read More