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2012 IRAs Effects of Wind, Boat and Seed on 2000 m Times Rowing Crew


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Added: 06/11/2012
Author: CommunityOrganizer1

This is the second cut at the 2012 IRA 2000m finish time data. I started looking at the wind speed data, then added boat type (MV8 or M2V8) and seed order and completed a multivariate regression using MS-Excel. I collected data for the MV8 and M2V8 2000 meter times in the Semi-Finals (4 races), Petite Finals (2 races) and Grand Finals (2 races). Each race had six boats. 48 data points total. The strong headwinds of the Semi-Finals versus the strong tailwinds of the Petite and Grand Finals made a nice data set. Playlist of all 2012 IRA races: www.youtube.com

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Keywords: 2012 iras IRA Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Championship Cooper River Cherry Hill NJ MV8 M2V8 Semi Petite Grand Finals Wind Speed Matters Boat Seed 2000m 2K mph seconds communityorganizer1

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