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click to view this vid! You Bet! - Train vs A Rowing Club Team Challenge

(C) LWT and Challenge For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Views: 1184

click to view this vid! Dragonfly of DeLight hovering over a Charles River crew

OK so I admit that I spent some time at Harvard. A great university, top-flight education if you think the European Enlightenment got it right. Turns out that there were millions of years of evolution before the Enlightenment and that what we really need to know about living and loving fully and creating a sustainable planet to live on isn't something you can easily learn at Harvard. Fortunately, on this day in Cambridge, I witnessed The Lord of the Dragonflies--glimpsed in all the great world religions-- flinging the ferry dust of true planetary enlightenment out onto the waters as the Harvard crews rowed by. Let's hope some of these fellas got the message. :-)

Views: 1275

click to view this vid! Can't Stop It - A Parody by Paige Padilla of Rowsbeforehoes

This song is sung by real rowers, and written by a rower. The pictures were sent in by rowers, and I hope this conveys the spirit of rowing! :) PS: Since it's sung by rowers, and we're not exactly Broadway stars the vocals can be a little rough. Please be nice! Thanks, Paige Writer: Anna Paige Padilla Vocals: Ariel McDonnell and Anna Paige Padilla

Views: 1313

click to view this vid! Infinite Challenge, Rowing(7) #15

?????? www.imbc.com ???? SAT 18:30~ Infinite Challenge(????), EP261, 2011/08/06, MBC TV, Republic of Korea ?? ??? ????? ??? ???? ???

Views: 1713

click to view this vid! Ferrer Takes To The Yarra

Ahead of a daunting semifinal against Novak Djokovic, David Ferrer takes a different approach to his preparation: a spot of rowing on Melbourne's Yarra River.

Views: 1220

click to view this vid! Rowing boys

Rowing boys

Views: 1570

click to view this vid! Baked Potato Demo

University of Worcester Rowing club barbeque baked potato preparation demonstration

Views: 1151

click to view this vid! Esther Melody - Meet Me At The Water

Music video for "Meet me at the water", Filmed at Rowing NZ's high performace centre on Lake Karapiro with rowers from the NZ team including Mahe Drysdale and Eric Murray. Directed by Greg Page from Fish n Clips

Views: 1256

click to view this vid! UVa Battle Paddle

At UVa training camp: Alan Kush ('11), training for 2016 and Jon Furlong ('13) training for U23 lightweight are being battle paddled by a local kayaker training for 2012.

Views: 2474

click to view this vid! Henley Regatta POLICE GEESE PATROL fun pics

Henley Regatta POLICE FUN rounding up the Swans and Geese. Pics of the Swan Lifeline Goose Shepherds with other funny boats and regatta life from Henley on Thames Royal Regatta. Rowing on the River Thames, Henley, Oxon, England. Thank you for watching: www.swanlifeline.org.uk Henley Regatta POLICE FUN with Swans & Geese www.swanlifeline.org.uk www.boathouse19.com Luxury Self Catering near Henley Regatta, looking after the Royal Swans in Eton and Windsor, Berkshire. Its FUN and worthwhile.

Views: 4278

click to view this vid! Conn-x ROWING

New work by Bold Ogilvy for OTE Conn-x

Views: 1237

click to view this vid! Chris vs. Nicola The Night Owl Fitness Challenge

Check out our Night Owl's Chris and Nicola fight it out on the rowing machine!

Views: 1683

click to view this vid! Home built rower

When you don't have a erg. Make do.

Views: 1135

click to view this vid! Walkers - Rowing Machine (2001, UK)

An advert for Walkers' Heinz Tomato Ketchup crisps, which disappeared but later came back and disappeared again.

Views: 1712

click to view this vid! 'Why this Kolaveri Di' goes Dutch

Groningen rowing team pays tribute to the Indian song, "Why this Kolaveri di?

Views: 2815

click to view this vid! Grits The American Bulldog talking about rowing on the Geico Hamster Commercial dog funny

This is hilarious, Grits is back and every time this commercial airs he has to talk with the guinea pigs and help them row, such a simple word "row" even a bulldog can say it :)

Views: 1958

click to view this vid!

December 3, 2011 - Gala birthday party at the LIA Rowing Club in Vienna, Austria. Rima Finzi-Strauss performs take-off of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"

Views: 1094

click to view this vid! Leander in Fairy Liquid Advert

Fairy Liquid's latest UK advert starring Leander Rowing Club and a rather annoying little cox...

Views: 2651

click to view this vid! Rowing on the bottom of a swimmingpool

Rowing on the bottom of a swimmingpool. Photoshoot of various sports underwater

Views: 1152

click to view this vid! Countdown to Crew: Rowing Fashion

These are all things I actually wore to row in practice and races. They weren't quite as tight then, of course! You never want to wear anything too baggy in the boat beacuse it can get caught in the seat slide or your oar handle can get caught in a baggy shirt. Yes, both these things actually happened to me. Live and learn.

Views: 2164

click to view this vid! Erging Baby

Coach Emilie Graham's 17 month old niece Lene Grass is an erging wiz! She picked up her technique from watching the youth team practice at the Great Miami Rowing Center one afternoon!

Views: 3326

click to view this vid! Rowing in Morphsuits!

Views: 1716

click to view this vid! Top 20 Hottest Male Rowing Athletes of 2011

www.megankalmoe.com Thank you so much to everyone who made this year's List so much fun, including my teammates and female friends for their nominations, as well as all the cheeky hopefuls (you know who you are). To my many, many other favorites (GBR M4X, RSA M4-, CAN everything, AUS M8+ Fergus... I love you, ARG M2X, NOR M2X, French lightweight man with the most incredible eyes I've ever seen...but I don't know who you are, and too many more to mention) thanks for a great year. It was great to meet many of the guys personally. As always, I am looking forward to next year!!

Views: 3167

click to view this vid! 'The Making of Warwick Rowing's Naked Calendar' Trailer HD

The trailer to the Warwick Rowing Naked Calendar. Visit www.warwickrowing.org/nakedcalendar to buy the calendar, downloads or full 30 minute HD version of the video.

Views: 4239

click to view this vid! Fish Jumps Into Double While Rowing

Iona College, New Rochelle, NY Our double was out rowing during our late practice and an eel (or whatever it is) jumped into bow seat. They rowed a good 1000 meters back to the dock with it in the boat. It ended up being ok and we set it free back into the Atlantic. We had a tough time getting him out though as its teeth were sunk into the shoe ties.

Views: 1574

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