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click to view this vid! UKSRL watergate bay round 3

UK surf rowers league round 3. Good weather and reasonable waves for a change. A race full of mistakes that we managed to win!

Views: 999

click to view this vid! Surf Boat Rowing Crash - Ocean Thunder, Dee Why Beach

Surf boat rowing crash in 2009 at Dee Why Beach. North Cronulla & Monavale Women's Crews.

Views: 1375

click to view this vid! Rowing the atlantic 2009/10

5 videos of what life was like in the atlantic.

Views: 890

click to view this vid! Rowing Ocean Approach to Golden Gate Bridge

Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge and Lime Point Light House from ocean side of the bridge.

Views: 1144

click to view this vid! The Atlantic4 at Henley

A quick vid on our visit to Henley Royal Regatta. On 4th December 2011, Adam Wolley, Greg Symondson, Ross Turner and Hugo Turner are attempting to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in 'the world's toughest rowing race' in aid of Spinal Research, setting two world records in doing so. Please lend us any support you can! For more information please see the website at www.theatlantic4.com and if you can please sponsor us at www.justgiving.com twitter: @theatlantic4 Blog: theatlantic4.wordpress.com Spinal Research: www.spinal-research.org

Views: 1256

click to view this vid! Chapman Crew Dad Vail entry

Chapman won 2nd place in the first Dad Vail video contest

Views: 1549

click to view this vid! Dory with sliding seat

Lunenburg "Handline" dory with model C Concept 2 monorail, seat and footboards, Hudson wing rigger and Dreher sculls.

Views: 2125

click to view this vid! American Fire - Another End, Another Beginning

Sarah Kessans and Emily Kohl rowed the Atlantic Ocean in the 2005 Atlantic Rowing Race in the boat 'American Fire'.

Views: 1476

click to view this vid! Channel Rowing 2011

Views: 1340

click to view this vid! Come on board!!

Mylène Paquette rowed across the Atlantic, from Morocco to Barbados in 58 days without assistance. On 12 March 2010 she became the first Québécoise to achieve this.

Views: 1155

click to view this vid! British woman sets off to row across Indian Ocean

A British woman who survived fierce storms and a near-drowning on her journeys across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans set off from Australia on Wednesday for a rowing adventure across the Indian Ocean with a new worry on her mind: pirates. Roz Savage rowed out of the port city of Fremantle, in Western Australia, to begin a four-month trip in her 23-foot (7-metre) purple rowboat, Sedna, named after the mythological Inuit goddess of the ocean.

Views: 1277

click to view this vid! Reivers 12 London to Paris Rowing 2011.flv

In May 2011 a team of twelve men from the South of England, known as the Reivers12, will enter the London to Paris and back rowing challenge. The team of amateur rowers from the South East of England, will row a distance of over 960 miles, racing against the clock. The event will be a record-breaking attempt for rowing a Gig from London to Paris and then aim to set the first ever record for a continuous row from London to Paris and back again. The Guiness Book of Records will record both records. Please support the Reivers 12 - www.reivers12.co.uk

Views: 1299

click to view this vid! What will Sarah drink while rowing?

Sarah Outen will be alone at sea in a tiny rowing boat for up to 6 months as she rows across the Pacific & Atlantic Oceans. In this video she learns how to maintain the machine which will keep her alive by providing her with fresh water. The ocean rows are just 1 part of Sarah's ambitiou 3 year adventure to circle the globe by kayak, bike and rowing boat, London2London via the world. www.sarahouten.com

Views: 1327

click to view this vid! We are...

We are not the favorites, we are not the selected, we are not the elite, we are not the naturally talented, we are not hired guns, we are not the coaches' prodigies, we are not the chosen ones...But we win, over and over again, We are Penn AC.

Views: 9897

click to view this vid! GOPRO Hero, Noosa Heads U23's Surf Boat Rowers

racing at Coolum on the sunshine coast, in the last of the Aussie Bum Series this year. race was on the 12/03/11 video settings: HD 720p at 50fps

Views: 1918

click to view this vid! southport snipers training 2010

rowing training surf boats snipers south port

Views: 1043

click to view this vid! Brighton Surf Boat Open Women Crew finish Allan Aitchison MIMP

Brighton Open Surf Boat Rowing Crew finishing the race Sweep Kevin Watkins (Brakey) Crew - Jen Miester, Amy Pickles, Erin Lavinder, Cally Emmins Boat Captain Allan Aitchison

Views: 1228

click to view this vid! Fiann Trailer 2

Contemplations for preparation of Fiann Paul, prior to breaking the world record in ocean rowing across the south atlantic ocean january 2011.

Views: 1503

click to view this vid! World Rowing Coastal Championships TUR 2010

Lenka Wech and Guin Batten from Thames Rowing Club, London. Race and win the 2010 World Rowing Coastal Championships for clubs. Racing from the line to win in a great race in calm conditions in Turkey. It made a difference to the conditions that were encountered in Plymouth the year before. Both Lenka and Guin are former Olympians.

Views: 1338

click to view this vid! When i grow up I want to be a boaty.avi

Surfboat rowing

Views: 1137

click to view this vid! Atlantic Rowing Challenge 2011 ¦ Sara G ¦ 2 World Records!!

8th February 2011: ONE CROSSING -- TWO GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS!!!! On 8th February 2011 at 11.16 GMT Ocean rowing boat 'Sara G' Skippered by English man Matt Craughwell pulled into Port St. Charles, Barbados and into the record books. Craughwell and his crew of 5 oarsmen, Fiann Paul (Iceland), Tomas Cremona (Malta), Adam Burke (Ireland), Rob Byrne (Ireland) and Dr Graham Carlin (England), set off from the fishing port of Tarfaya, Morocco on the West African coast on the 5th January on a mission to become the fastest crew ever to row across the Atlantic Ocean. Not only have they achieved this goal by taking 10 hours and 36 minutes off the old record set by Team Hallin, they have also set a new record for rowing more consecutive days over 100 miles than any other boat in history.

Views: 4388

click to view this vid! 2001 Australian Surf Lifesaving U19 Surfboat Champs.mpg

2001 Australian Surf Lifesaving U19 Surfboat Champions Rainbow Bay Blue surf boat rowing big surf rowing

Views: 1793

click to view this vid! Surf Boat Rowing in Porthtowan in January (2011)!!!

Weekend before going away to race at the World champs in NZ. Had to get out in the sea despite the weather. We were blessed with a sunny conditions and 4ft swell, but the outside temperature was hovering around 0 and around 7C in the sea. Big thank you to Ben (second stroke) for subbing in...

Views: 997

click to view this vid! The World's Toughest Rowing Race

The Woodvale Challange Atlantic Rowing race is one of the toughest endurance races in the world. In this film we can see the vulnerability of the small boats as they pitch themselves against the forces of the sea. The full version of the film can be obtained from Pink Ginger Films which includes many of the participants arriving in Antigua.

Views: 1479

click to view this vid! Simply Rowing

very brief clips, early morning row, san francisco bay

Views: 1047

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