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click to view this vid! Flying San Diego

Sunday morning's flight through San Diego County

Views: 598

click to view this vid! Brisbane Boys' College- Volleyball or Rowing?

Views: 978

click to view this vid! 2012 Olympic Hopefuls Catherine Reddick and Meg Walsh talk about Imagery

2012 London olympic rowing hopefuls Catherine Reddick and Megan Walsh, talk about how imagery affects their performance when rowing.

Views: 1037

click to view this vid! LET'S GO COLLEGIATE (1941) Frankie Darro - Mantan Moreland

Comedy ensues when a university rowing team tries to pass off a truck driver as the new star athelete on the rowing team, after the real athelete is drafted. Stars - Frankie Darrow, Mantan Moreland, Keye Luke, Gale Storm Directed by Jean Yarbrough

Views: 1440

click to view this vid! CGW - Olympic Rowing Announcement!

McOnie went down to Lake Karapiro for the New Zealand Olympic Rowing Announcement.

Views: 580

click to view this vid! Oxford prepares for the Boat Race (5/6)

With the big day only weeks away now, this latest video covers media attention to the boat race, from its beginnings right through to the present day. How do athletes, in what elsewhere is a niche sport, learn to cope with performing before an audience of millions? Filmed with the kind co-operation of the River and Rowing Museum, Henley; Archive footage courtesy of British Pathé.

Views: 879

click to view this vid! Rowing Rice

A new rice commercial on the tube (in the western US). Good graphics, but lousy understanding of the sport. Either that, or as usual, starboard outclasses port.... Rather large cox'n, too

Views: 1237

click to view this vid! Rowing Parody of 1998 World Cup Credits

If by Rudyard Kipling read by Des Lynam. Photography by Iain Weir - www.iainweir.info & rowingphotography.co.uk

Views: 949

click to view this vid! 1930's Rowing on the Thames

1930's Rowing on the Thames with the Thames club rowers and the Grand Challenge cup. Eight rowers bring their boat out of the boat house. Teams rowing with their cox down the River Thames. Style and technique explained Rapid ultra etc. Bringing the boat ashore. Carrying to boat house. Jack Beresford rows in single person boat, slow motion to show techique. Bossy Phelps from Putney shows his style., he coaches the Oxford team.

Views: 1329

click to view this vid! Blue Cross Blue Shield Commercial featuring Gentle Giant Moving Company #3

This past Fall, Blue Cross Blue Shield highlighted Gentle Giant Moving Company in a few television commercials. This one, featuring Box Xpress Manager and competitive rower Will Allen, shows the importance of having a health insurance card athletic Giants can count on.

Views: 1023

click to view this vid! ROLAND GOES ROWING

A short story of a rower

Views: 909

click to view this vid! BACKWARDS OFFICIAL TRAILER

Release Date: 2012 Summer, just in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Genre: Sports/ Romance Studio: 13th Night Productions Plot Outline BACKWARDS, a sports romance following a fiercely competitive rower who fails to make the Olympic boat, takes a coaching job at a school where her boss is also her ex-boyfriend, and struggles to adjust to life off the race course. Starring Sarah Megan Thomas, James Van Der Beek, Glenn Morshower, Margaret Colin, Wynne Everett, Alexandra Metz, Alysia Reiner, Meredith Apfulbaum, Brian Cheng, Liz Holtan, David Alan Basche, Ellis Walding Directed By: Ben Hickernell Screenplay By: Sarah Megan Thomas Produced By: Sarah Megan Thomas Website backwardsthemovie.com

Views: 1271

click to view this vid! Patrick Loliger Red Bull + Canon

Rowing Red Bull + Canon

Views: 897

click to view this vid! Dragonfly of DeLight hovering over a Charles River crew

OK so I admit that I spent some time at Harvard. A great university, top-flight education if you think the European Enlightenment got it right. Turns out that there were millions of years of evolution before the Enlightenment and that what we really need to know about living and loving fully and creating a sustainable planet to live on isn't something you can easily learn at Harvard. Fortunately, on this day in Cambridge, I witnessed The Lord of the Dragonflies--glimpsed in all the great world religions-- flinging the ferry dust of true planetary enlightenment out onto the waters as the Harvard crews rowed by. Let's hope some of these fellas got the message. :-)

Views: 1081

click to view this vid! Rowing

Views: 1992

click to view this vid! The milestone of a rower's first race

This short film was entered by Ben Warwick in the Josephine Butler College Arts Competition 2012. The theme of the competition was 'Milestones', in celebration of the College having reached its 5th anniversary. The Milestone of a rower's first race- Rowers train hard. Very hard. While you were tucked up in bed this morning at 5.30, they were stirring, preparing, stretching, freezing (probably doing a fair amount of grunting and complaining too). Why do they do it you ask? For the race season; when we get to test ourselves against the best in the region. Not everything always goes to plan however, and that is why the Novice Cup (as the first race every BCBC rower competes in) is a milestone in all of our rowing careers. - Ben Warwick

Views: 1045

click to view this vid! This is Indoor Rowing. CRASH-B Sprints WIRC Boston MA 2012

Video clip footage of the World Indoor Rowing Championships 2012 in Boston MA. Some great facials of pain!!!

Views: 1180

click to view this vid! Coastal Rowing: Challenge Prince Albert II - Edition 2012


Views: 2077

click to view this vid! Shiplake Rowing 1973

Shiplake College 1st Eight 1973, Wallingford, Reading Amateur, Reading Town, Marlow, Henley Town and Henley Royal Regattas

Views: 1074

click to view this vid! Alabama Women's Rowing on Tuscaloosa Living

Interview with Coach Davis on the Black Warrior River

Views: 670

click to view this vid! Helicam Sneak Preview

A short sneak preview of our raw helicam footage in the snow! Full shots will feature in the Boat Race video 5, on 7th of March, published on youtube.com/oxford The helicam had to be launched and landed from a moving motorboat and flights were shortened due to the cold batteries.

Views: 862

click to view this vid! Husky Power

A look at how the Washington men's crew program builds speed for the spring - dozens of ergs, synced together and suffering together. How championships are won.

Views: 1517

click to view this vid! 2012 Crash B

Crash B 2012 test movies

Views: 1156

click to view this vid! GB Rower Moe Sbihi Talks to London360

Team GB Rower Moe Sbihi talking about his faith and the 2012 Olympics. Find more at communitychannel.org

Views: 888

click to view this vid! Iraqi National rowing Team

Iraqi National rowing Team

Views: 1251

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