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click to view this vid! Dad Vail Regatta Highlights

Friday, May 13, 2011

Views: 943

click to view this vid! Swansea University rowers strip off

(17-09-09) Meet the Swansea University rowers stripping off for a nude calendar to raise money for charity. Full story www.thisissouthwales.co.uk

Views: 1434

click to view this vid! 2011 Opening Day Parade of Rowers

2011 Opening Day Parade of Rowers

Views: 849

click to view this vid! Stanford Women's Crew at the Lake Natoma Invitational, 2011

A compressed view of the Lake Natoma Invitational for Stanford women's crew. With everything that happens off the water: the drive from the hotel to the course, warm-up, a coxswain toss, and a look to the next week. Nicole Weinrich takes a refreshing dip in the lake thanks to her teammate's win in the Varsity 8 event. Tiffany Dao's throw into the water missed a footage opportunity, but as her boat also won, she also became acquainted with Sacramento's cool waters.

Views: 919

click to view this vid! OSU Rowing: Laney Twins

They are teammates, best friends and sisters. KVAL's Phil Milani has the story of the twin-power that is helping lead the Oregon State rowing team into the Pac-10 Championships.

Views: 823

click to view this vid! Dad Vail Regatta

2011 Dad Vail Regatta

Views: 1404

click to view this vid! 2011 NSR 2 Preview

Tuesday, May 10: Training Center athletes are preparing for NSR 2 at the Finn MW Caspersen Boathouse at Mercer Lake in West Windsor, NJ. I wanted to catch up with a few of my teammates to talk about how things are going, and what they are doing to prepare for the upcoming races.

Views: 1432

click to view this vid! Behind-The-Scenes: 100th Cal Dual

Want to know what it's like to row a big race at Washington? Go behind the scenes with GoHuskies.com and see all the sights and sounds from the 100th edition of the Cal Dual.

Views: 863

click to view this vid! Molesey coaches meeting (possibly NSFW)

Views: 1451

click to view this vid! What Makes Eton Row so Fast: 2009

Why Are Eton So Fast? From usrowers.com Post #1 July2 2009 Back in the days (say mid 80's through to mids 90's) there was often quite a big disparity between the top school boy crews due to lack of sophisticated coaching knowledge across the board, funding etc. Then as more schools took it more seriously the standard concertina'd- standards got higher and racing was closer etc and it was more and more difficult for one crew to breakaway dominate.

Views: 956

click to view this vid! Tandemonium Rowing Machine Blender

A video describing the home made rowing machine blender designed for Locally Delicious and constructed for Blue Lake Elementary School.

Views: 918

click to view this vid! Goldthwait Cup: Harvard-Yale-Princeton Lightweights

The No. 2 Harvard lightweight varsity eight defeats No. 1 Princeton and No. 2 Yale to claim the Goldthwait Cup and completed a second straight perfect dual season Saturday, April 30, 2011 on the Charles River.

Views: 1438

click to view this vid! Living the Dream (While Trying to Make a Living)

US National team rowers work on and off the water. This video follows a typical day of what it takes for these women to live the dream. Read more: www.teamusa.org

Views: 855

click to view this vid! 2011 WCC Rowing Championships Preview Video

The 2011 West Coast Conference Rowing Championship will take place on Friday, April 29th at Lake Natoma in Rancho Cordova, California. The annual event began in 1997 and has been held at Lake Natoma since its inception.

Views: 1051

click to view this vid! WSU Rowing - So You Think You're Tough? Challenge

Washington State rower Natasha Ostopovich rows against football player Wade Jacobson on the ergs.

Views: 1039

click to view this vid! 2011 Jablonic Cup MV8 Wisco BU 0.3 seconds Long Version

2011 Jablonic Cup MV8 Wisco BU by 0.3 seconds. Jablonic Cup, Wisconsin over Boston University. Wisco near side, BU far side. EARC MV8. Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges, Mens Heavyweight Varsity Eight. May 1st, 2011. Charles River Basin, Cambridge, MA. Video taken from the north shore of the Charles River Basin on the finish line. If you freeze frame in high definition, you should be able to see the white post on the shore across the river. The post leans to the right a bit and appears just before the orange ball in the water. Results at: http://www.row2k.com/results/resultspage.cfm?UID=3224337&cat=1 Playlist of all three races at: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=843D71C1F7B4618A

Views: 1436

click to view this vid! Defo - first pitch


Views: 950

click to view this vid! Flood stage 25.5 feet - 1st Row of 2011

April 29 , 2011 - The rowing area is normally a parking lot. It is only about two feet deep at this flood stage, with almost no current and no wind. Water was cold but bearable. The only hazard was the submerged seats of the picnic tables that only hurt our shins.

Views: 731

click to view this vid! TN Wild Side-Rowing

From episode #2008: The world of serious rowing, the kind you see in the Olympics, is about precision and power. It's fast... it's great exercise... and it's a LOT harder than it looks. But as Wild Side Guide Craig Owensby discovered, once you learn how, you can get in the boat and feel like you're flying. And for those of you who might be a little worried about giving rowing a try, don't be. The weekend rowers tell us that if you can ride a bike... you can probably learn to row. To find out more about rowing, visit the Nashville Rowing Club's website at www.nashvillerowing.org/

Views: 1039

click to view this vid! BBC School Report from Dorney Lake

The Marist Senior School visit Dorney Lake, the home of the 2012 Olympic rowing to investiage what makes this the ideal venue for this event. They have also looked into the history behind the location and Olympic rowing.

Views: 1288

click to view this vid! Huron Rats Trailer III

Huron Rowing, River Rats

Views: 591

click to view this vid! On Food, Taxes, and Olympic Rowing

Humorist Chuck Goldstone rambles on about food, tax time, and his friend who won an Olympic Bronze

Views: 1030

click to view this vid! Infinity Challenge Rowing fitness test

110423 [Infinity Challenge CUT ] Rowing fitness test

Views: 1330

click to view this vid! It's a Living: OKC Boathouse Rowing Coach

Three-time Olympian Bryan Volpenhein brought his talent and experience at rowing to the OKC Boathouse Foundation's National High Performance Center, where he works as an assistant coach. Journal Record Multimedia Editor Dave Rhea teamed up with videographer Mike Jones to find out what being a rowing coach entails. The video was originally broadcast on Oklahoma's PBS station, OETA as a part of the ongoing series that airs every Wednesday evening on Oklahoma News Report w/ Dick Pryor.

Views: 2539

click to view this vid! Peter's aha moment

When the water gets rough and you don't have control of your boat I always say 'There's no use in worrying'. Rowing has taught me to relinquish my fear and trust myself. Experience more aha moments at www.mutualofomaha.com

Views: 791

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