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click to view this vid! CanaDawgs Road To London

The Road to London for three Canadian Husky rowers goes through Victoria, BC, where Rob Gibson, Conlin McCabe and Will Crothers are training for the Olympics in rowing.

Views: 877

click to view this vid! The Paris Crew (1867)

Recaptures the day in July, 1867 when four unheralded oarsmen from Saint John, New Brunswick, electrified Canadians with their victory in the world rowing championship in Paris. © Institut Historica-Dominion Institute (www.histori.ca) www.histori.ca

Views: 1239

click to view this vid! Olaf Tufte in Slow Motion

Olaf Tufte in Slow Motion.avi Studies in slow motion of Olaf Tufte in the 2004 OLympic Finals Mens 1x and on a Concept2 ergometer...

Views: 4451

click to view this vid! Best Concept2 rowing machine damper setting

Does your damper need to be at 10 to get a good workout on the Concept2 Indoor Rower or a winning time at the CRASH-Bs? UCanRow2's Terry Smythe, a C2 master instructor, gives you the answer in this clip from a recent instructor certification.

Views: 3868

click to view this vid! Muscles used while rowing

The basic rowing action is a coordinated muscle action that requires application of force in a repetitive, maximal and smooth manner. Every large muscle group will contribute to this action. The muscle requirements have been analyzed by Dr. Thomas Mazzone. The rowing action has been divided into the following sequence: 1. The Catch 2. The Drive 2A. Leg emphasis 2B. Body swing emphasis 2C. Arm pull through emphasis 3. The Finish 4. The Recovery

Views: 1511

click to view this vid! The Digital Story of Gabe Horchler

For 14 years Gabe has been rowing to and from work on the Anacostia River in Washington DC. Watch and listen to Gabe's unique story and experience.

Views: 1157

click to view this vid! Sh*t Rowers Say

Our rendition of the sh*t ____ say

Views: 1629

click to view this vid! Historic Atlantic World Record - Bhavik lands in Antigua

On the 14th of June at 5.36 pm Antigua time, Bhavik Stepped ashore at Jabberwok beach, on the North East coast of Antigua. He spent a total of 106 days alone at sea, rowing a distance of 6393 kms (3546 nautical miles) from Spain to Antigua, setting a new world record.

Views: 1035

click to view this vid! Indian navy annual Rowing competition

It was a Indian navy annual Rowing competition of Indian Navy. I was on INS VIRAAT and cheering for their team . INS VIRAAT won the race.

Views: 884

click to view this vid! Hitting a swan

rowing crew take on a sw

Views: 961

click to view this vid! Boat collision

Family rowing boat on River Severn rammed by a speeding sculler.

Views: 2287

click to view this vid! Rowing boys

Rowing boys

Views: 1312

click to view this vid! Nowhere Else

Views: 615

click to view this vid! Ferrer Takes To The Yarra

Ahead of a daunting semifinal against Novak Djokovic, David Ferrer takes a different approach to his preparation: a spot of rowing on Melbourne's Yarra River.

Views: 1015

click to view this vid! Esther Melody - Meet Me At The Water

Music video for "Meet me at the water", Filmed at Rowing NZ's high performace centre on Lake Karapiro with rowers from the NZ team including Mahe Drysdale and Eric Murray. Directed by Greg Page from Fish n Clips

Views: 1070

click to view this vid! Rowing on Lake Union

Frank Cunningham of the Lake Washington Rowing Club hosts this history of the Pocock Brothers and rowing on Lake Union in Seattle. I produced this video for the Lake Union Virtual Museum, at www.lakeunionhistory.org

Views: 844

click to view this vid! Emozioni Azzurre 2011

Arriva la seconda edizione di "Emozioni Azzurre", il video che in pochi minuti vi farà riassaporare la stagione internazionale 2011 del canottaggio italiano. Medaglia dopo medaglia. Gli Europei ed i Mondiali Juniores, i Mondiali Under 23, gli Europei ed i Mondiali Assoluti. Il montaggio di Dario Del Vecchio, autore del filmato assieme a Marco Callai, lega immagini di gara, premiazione ed anche le foto-ritratto, scattate alla vigilia di ogni appuntamento agonistico dal nostro fotografo Detlev Seyb. Nelle prossime settimane le Società ei Comitati riceveranno il DVD contenente la versione ad alta risoluzione del video "Emozioni Azzurre 2011", i filmati promozionali del Festival dei Giovani di Ravenna e del Mondiale Coastal Rowing di Bari.

Views: 1286

click to view this vid! World Rowing - The Perfect Stroke

Views: 699

click to view this vid! Eric Murray beats Mahe Drysdale in surprise win at North Island Club Champs at Karapiro

EXCLUSIVE UNEDITED FOOTAGE No one watching the days racing, expected Eric Murray to beat World Champion Mahe Drysdale. I had filmed both so many times that I wasn't even going to bother. I had my camera off the tripod to watch Tauranga Boys College students from Tauranga Rowing Club being presented with medals, when we all stopped to see Mahe win another race. We had all seen it so many times before. Even so, I thought I might as well film them as they go past, even without the tripod - I could always delete it later. You can hear the crowds surprise when in the flick of an eye, Eric pulled up and passed Mahe. What odds would the bookies have given on that happening! With the Olympics later this year it has certainly set tongues wagging.

Views: 2139

click to view this vid! December 31 Update from Chula Vista

Just sitting on top of a hill talking about holiday training with my college team, the University of Washington.

Views: 992

click to view this vid! Magee Patient Fred Duling Talks About Rowing In Rehab And In Concept2 Virtual Team Challenge

Magee patient and legendary rower Fred Duling received a spinal cord injury last Christmas when he fell hanging decorations at his Boathouse. He's used a wheelchair since then. In this video, Fred talks about rowing In as part of his rehab and about rowing in the Concept2 Virtual team Challenge.

Views: 1418

click to view this vid! Princeton Boathouse Triathlon 2011

December 2011--5th annual pre-holiday fitness funfest for Princeton crew. Swim (or swim-ish), run, erg... and all the optional sand you can carry in an inner tube up and down the football stadium steps. Why not? If you aren't dyin', you aren't tri-in'. Okay that's weak

Views: 837

click to view this vid! Chris vs. Nicola The Night Owl Fitness Challenge

Check out our Night Owl's Chris and Nicola fight it out on the rowing machine!

Views: 1457

click to view this vid! THE SIMPSONS - Preview from 'The D'Ohcial Network'

Don't miss all-new episodes of THE SIMPSONS - Sundays at 8/7c, on FOX Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow Homer on Twitter: www.twitter.com Official Site: www.thesimpsons.com

Views: 1776

click to view this vid! UVa Battle Paddle

At UVa training camp: Alan Kush ('11), training for 2016 and Jon Furlong ('13) training for U23 lightweight are being battle paddled by a local kayaker training for 2012.

Views: 2138

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