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click to view this vid! 9-20-11 - NYAC Rowers Reunion

Photoshow of reunion of New York Athletic Club (NYAC) oarsmen back in the day and as they appear today 55 years later. Crank up the music and enjoy.

Views: 1279

click to view this vid! hank and wally rowing club

stroke this

Views: 1400

click to view this vid! Winnipeg Jets: Row Your Boat

The Jets head to the Winnipeg Rowing Club for a bit of team building.

Views: 1170

click to view this vid! WWU Novice Sychronized Swim Test

Another season, another chance to have fun with the novice squad.

Views: 1260

click to view this vid! SCARY DOLL ROWING A BOAT

While out walking, we spotted this Doll rowing a boat. Spooky!

Views: 928

click to view this vid! 2011 Stanford at Oklahoma Highlights

Stanford Women's Rowing competing at the Head Of The Oklahoma and OG&E Night Sprints

Views: 1141

click to view this vid! eemhead amersfoort holland

rowing head amersfoort holland, juniors and masters

Views: 1306

click to view this vid! Italy 8+ World Rowing Junior Championship

Italy won the gold medal at World Rowing Junior Championship! Eton 2011 Guglielmo Carcano, Marco Marcelli, Bernardo Nannini, Leone Barbaro, Giovanni Abagnale, Pietro Zileri, Matteo Lodo, Giuseppe Vicino, Enrico D'Aniello.

Views: 1644

click to view this vid! The Detroit Boat Club Crew circa about 1948-1954

An excerpt of film footage that my grandfather and family took over the years. This is footage of The Detroit Boat Club's Rowing Team sometime around 1948-1954 when my uncle. Richard Langs, was on the team. I unfortunately don't know what regattas are shown here or have any exact dates but perhaps some others might know. Please leave any info you may have about this footage in the comments. Thanks!

Views: 1437

click to view this vid! BU Crew Flood Relief

If you would like to help, please contact president@binghamtoncrew.org for more information. All donations are tax-deductible as HIBC is a non-profit organization. The Binghamton University Crew team was devastated, like much of the community, by the terrible flood of 2011. The boathouse they share with the Hiawatha Island Boat Club has to be completely refurbished inside and out. Thankfully many of their boats were unaffected, but a few boats sustained minor damage. Despite being the largest club at Binghamton and a dedicated team, they can truly use all the help they can get. I am unaffiliated with Binghamton University and the team. The song is Balcony by Summer People

Views: 1286

click to view this vid! Can Dan Do It?

Stroke! Stroke! Does Dan O'Brien have what it takes to be an Olympic rower? In this episode, he meets the national team and learns about the history of rowing.

Views: 858

click to view this vid! Guinea Pigs Row Tiny Boat - Easier Way to Save - GEICO commercial

Subscribe to the GEICO Commercial channel at www.youtube.com Such a simple word. Row. Simple, but with quite a bit of power -- no pun intended. Want to have that same power in your own hands? Download the Guinea Pig Getaway game and row your way to victory and the top of the leaderboards. www.geico.com

Views: 3183

click to view this vid! Adam Kreek adventure docu- series Audition

Adam Kreek was asked to audition for a adventure docu- series produced by Bag Media. I made this video which had to be three minutes long and hit the points listed below. Let us know what you think and help Adam win the audition. "If life is a game, we want to see you play it. Hit the streets with a camera, meet some people, and prove to us that you're better than them...in anything. Show us your competitive edge, your wit, your quirkiness, and if you're going to lose, do it in style with a sense of humour. "

Views: 1098

click to view this vid! Over The Olympic Winning Line - Rowing at Dorney Lake

Rowing at Dorney Lake (the official London 2012 venue) was an amazing experience. Thanks to everyone who helped me to (finally!) master the technique and get going...

Views: 539

click to view this vid! Sport saved

How sport prepared me mentally and physically for surgery to remove a spinal cord tumor from my neck.

Views: 3922

click to view this vid! CRC .... we are here

First promo ... first rowing

Views: 855

click to view this vid! WWII - German Propaganda

60th Birthday of actor Werner Krauss. Cattle Market in Upper Bavaria. Denmark: The amusement park "Tivoli" in Copenhagen. War widows in the study in the Marie von Clausewitz home in Marburg. Visit to the workshops 'Kaethe Kruse dolls' in Kösel / hall. Rowing regatta in Berlin-Grünau. Fighting on the Eastern Front.

Views: 1167

click to view this vid! Head of the Cuyahoga Regatta - Urban Beauty

Cleveland's urban landscape and bridges provide a unique backdrop for the 2011 Head of the Cuyahoga Regatta competitors.

Views: 1225

click to view this vid! Rowing Aerials

Views: 983

click to view this vid! Boathouse Work Party Pentathalon

First two events in the heretofore unknown Boathouse Work Party Pentathalon (we're not sure what the other three events are).

Views: 1343

click to view this vid! VIKES ROWING: First Annual Thunder Fest Row-Off

First annual Thunder Fest row-off - Vikes varsity women take on Vikes freshmen men in a 2000-metre erg relay. Part of the Sept. 16, 2011, Thunder Fest activities on campus. FYI, the women's machine was set for 1800 metres and the men's machine was set for 2000 metres which reflects the gold-medal difference from heavyweight men and women. It comes down to the wire... watch to see who wins...

Views: 1223

click to view this vid! Head of the Cuyahoga promo vid turn your speakers up!

So what's it like to row down the Head of the Cuyahoga Race course? Here's a short vid to give you an up close and personal look. Oh, and turn your external speakers up, like WAY up! Come down to Rivergate Park on Saturday, September 17, for the Head of the Cuyahoga Regatta. There will be food, music, fun, and oh yeah, rowing!

Views: 1392

click to view this vid! Rowing on the Grand (and how to ERG?)

A beautiful river and a great workout...who wouldn't want to row?? The Active City's, Andy Hourahine, meets up with Walter Martindale from the Cambridge Rowing Club in order to find out how to go from a bank dweller to an Olympic Rower. Features instruction on the Concept2 Rowing Machine (erg)

Views: 1141

click to view this vid! Blade Work: The Science of Rowing (trailer)

Rowing is one of the oldest Olympic sports. This trailer for the upcoming episode, "Blade Work: The Science of Rowing" looks at what muscle groups rowing uses and what makes a good rower. Interviews with Joel Griffith and Greg Darrah, gold medal winners in the FISA 2010 World Master's Rowing men's double for 40-50 age category. Coach Tricia Blocher talks about the different muscle groups and why rowers spend so much time training.

Views: 2429

click to view this vid! Faroe Islands National Sport

Faroe Islands National Sport is rowing.

Views: 1188

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