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click to view this vid! Preventing Rowing Blister

Views: 750

click to view this vid! Rowing Robot

I made this rowbot/boat in about a half hour. It's powered by an arduino/ATMega168 microcontroller, 4 AA batteries, two servos and two Taco Bell sporks. Unfortunately, it didn't float.

Views: 568

click to view this vid! WFAC Street Rowing Tutorial

People complain that rowing is boring because the scenery never changes. Gant and Josh show you how to solve that problem. (With special guest Det. Allen)

Views: 869

click to view this vid! Washington Rowing Honored 2009

The 2009 National Champion UW men's rowing team being honored at halftime of the UW/Arizona football game October 10, 2009.

Views: 700

click to view this vid! Stadium Announcer is Always On

Produced by Mike Jansen & Dan T. Hall for the Colts Up Close Show. To air on upcoming episode on WNDY Thursday Nights. Thanks to Bernadette Teeley and all the rowers from The Indianapolis Rowing Center that participated in the filming of this episode. Great Job.

Views: 1069

click to view this vid! We Row : The Making of the Calendar

Consider supporting the female rowers aspiring to represent Canada at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England. Money raised by calendar sales will be given directly to the athletes for training and living expenses as they continue their pursuits with the goal of becoming the fastest they can be.

Views: 1013

click to view this vid! Steve Trapmore (MBE) Talks Concept 2

Olympic champion and chief coach of Cambridge University Boat Club Steve Trapmore (MBE) talks about how he uses the Concept 2 rowing machines with his athletes

Views: 1234

click to view this vid! World University Rowing Championship

11th World University Rowing Championship Szeged, Hungary - August 13th to 15th, 2010

Views: 713

click to view this vid! ILKAP ROWING TEAM

Views: 586

click to view this vid! Tyler & Cameron Winkevoss, co-creators of Facebook, interview from 1999

High school students Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss interviewed by Miggs Burroughs in 1999 about their passion for rowing, several years before contributing to the creation of Facebook at Harvard.

Views: 2374

click to view this vid! The Great Oklahoma Coxswain Competition 9.18.10 (play at 720p)

Road trip! With room for only one cox on the Conestogas bound for the Head of the Oklahoma on October 8, the Tiger Heavies leaned on their newbie assistant coach to come up with a creative algorithm to cull the field of candidates. No pain, no 'swain.

Views: 1089

click to view this vid! Row Your Way Toned

Don't ignore the rowing machine! Try these tips from Team USA Olympic rowers Susan Francia and Erin Cafaro.

Views: 1147

click to view this vid! Texas Fight!

UT Women's Rowing team motivational video for 2010-2011 season. Produced and Edited by Anna Thomson. Assistant Producer and Awesome Coxswain Tapes by Emma Dirks. Stars of the footage - Texas Women's Rowing PS Lets kick some butt this year!

Views: 1295

click to view this vid! James on Charles

James Van Trees rows the Charles River, hosted by Dan Boyne, Director of Harvard recreational rowing at the Weld Boathouse. August 2010.

Views: 748

click to view this vid! What's your ritual before racing?

Taken from Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal at the 2010 European Rowing Championships

Views: 1127

click to view this vid! Tauranga Boys College @ The Great Race 2010

Tauranga Boys College Rowing defend their title in the first event of the season. Possibly the toughest event in the rowing calendar. Rowing 2.75km's AGAINST the flow of the river - the mighty Waikato. Also a few of the top University crews from around the world make up the numbers.

Views: 993

click to view this vid! Norm Graf's 80th Birthday Film

Celebrating a life long dedication to rowing, this film was made for Coach Norm Graf's 80th Birthday.

Views: 827

click to view this vid! Interview with lightweight rower Molly Trerotola

Frosh rower Molly Trerotola talks about her rowing roots and the first week of lightweight rowing practice

Views: 765

click to view this vid! The Swingulator

After 6 years of development, field testing and refinement, Rowing Innovations introduces its Swingulator® Dry-TankTM Rowing Simulator. The Swingulator® is the most advanced indoor rowing simulator and coaching tool on the market.

Views: 2636

click to view this vid! Matt Beaton | State Rep | Shrewsbury & Westborough | Campaign Ad

Matt Beaton is running for State Rep in Shrewsbury and Westborough because we must have a strong voice on Beacon Hill to represent the families and businesses struggling in this economy. Matt Beaton grew up in Shrewsbury, attended St. John's High School & WPI, rowed on the US National Rowing Team. He started his own small business, a green construction company, and is an active volunteer in the community in town and in his church. Matt and his wife built their home in Shrewsbury and plan to raise a family here.

Views: 887

click to view this vid! thirty nine dollar rowing machine

this is my thirty nine dollar rowing machine, it was supposed to be 349, but they forgot to put the 4 between the 3 and the 9

Views: 1350

click to view this vid! International rowers comment on sprint rowing

Taken in Lucerne, Switzerland at the Rowing World Cup III 2010 Featuring: Carla Mendes (Portugal LW2x) Julien Despres (France M4-) Anne Thomsen (Denmark LW1x) Saji Thomas (India M4-) Andrus Sabiin (Estonia M8+) Rosario Agrillo (Italy M8+) Milka Kraljev (Argentina LW2x) Yutu Hamada (Japan LM2-) Fergus Pragnell (Australia M8+)

Views: 1584

click to view this vid! The Tideway Tales

Following the progress of fictional rowing team 'The Tideway Talls'. The successes and pitfalls of a group of amazonian women training towards the olympic races set against their arch nemesis team 'The World'. My fourth ever animated short created using traditional cut-out animation technique.

Views: 902

click to view this vid! Save On Foods Amazing Kid: Shannon

Shannon Huff packs big talent in a small package. The grade 12 student is in her fourth year of competitive rowing -- recently winning gold for Canada at the Canamex Games in Tennessee. In a sport that typically favours tall athletes, she manages to excel due to her mental toughness and drive to win. Shannon Huff truly is an Amazing Kid!

Views: 818

click to view this vid! Redgrave Says 2012 Olympics Will Leave 'Usable Legacy'

Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Steve Redgrave, former rower and gold medalist who helped present London's bid for the 2012 Olympics, talks about the preparation for the games and the legacy it will leave for the UK He speaks with Andrea Catherwood on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."

Views: 1232

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