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Seattle Pacific
Open Women

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Falcons at 2016 WIRA
2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2010

Head Coach
Andy Derrick, 1st year

2016 Finish

  • Prioritizing NCAA Line-ups (v8+ and V4+) starting this year for first time in many years

Returning Varsity 8+ Athletes - N/A

2017 Seniors - 1

2017 Outlook
"Everybody says their team is young, but we are almost 100% novice that did not practice this past fall as there was no coach until November. That being said, the roster is growing as is the team culture. We are making progress and building a base that will pay off later this spring and in years to come. We have reoriented starting this year from a small boats program to focusing on NCAA sponsored boats (V8, V4) and on returning to the NCAA Championships as soon as possible. There is genuine excitement on campus and on the roster of things to come for Women’s Rowing here at SPU, it is just a matter of time, hard work, and the number of strokes until we get there."
-Head Coach Andy Derrick

 May 17, 2014
 March 29, 2014

Open Men

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Falcons at 2014 WIRA
2016 | 2015

Head Coach
Keith Jefferson, 28th year

2015 Finish

  • Just about everything cancelled due to weather.

Returning Varsity 8+ Athletes - 4

2016 Seniors - 1

2016 Outlook
"Looking good for small boat results. Rebuilding year, but hope to advance to west region championship and Dad Vail."
-Head Coach Keith Jefferson

 April 2, 2016