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Open Men

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2015 Dad Vail Champs
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Head Coach
Jim Granger, 9th year

2015 Finish

  • Varsity 8 - Dad Vail Champs, 14th at IRA
  • 2nd Varsity 8 - 20th at IRAs

Returning Varsity 8+ Athletes - 7

2016 Seniors - 5

2016 Outlook
"The Varsity 8 had a great year last year and returns 7 of the 9 from that boat. However the 2 lost were the stern pair so we have some work to do to find both our rhythm and direction. The addition of some talented freshmen certainly helps and we are both a deeper and stronger squad than last year. We will be working hard to translate that in to team speed over the next 3+ months."
-Head Coach Jim Granger

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2017 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013
 March 25, 2017

Open Women

2017 | 2015

Head Coach
Adam Thorstad, 11th year

2016 Finish

  • Varsity 8 - 3rd at Knecht Cup, 3rd at Sunshine State, 6th at Vails

Returning Varsity 8+ Athletes - 5

2017 Seniors - 4

2017 Outlook
"We look forward to the starting this racing season. We have a young hard working group that is making progress everyday. We will start the year off with a home race against Division II champions Barry and Division I opponent Miami. Then we hit the road and race at the FIRA Championship in Sarasota, FL, go to New Jersey for the Knecht Cup, head up to Oak Ridge, TN for the SIRA Championship, and then head back over to Sarasota again for the Sunshine State Conference Championship. This will all be followed by the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia. Work hard and luck is on your side."
-Head Coach Adam Thorstad

2016 | 2015
 April 29, 2016