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Kerry Encounter at the 2006 Head Of The Charles Regatta
Boston, MA
by Jim Skelding
posted on December 17, 2008

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John Kerry at the '06 Charles
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The Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston is the largest regatta in the world. For any of you who have been blessed to view it in person, know that you can't see the action, unless you get on your feet and start walking. It was Sunday afternoon, and I had more blisters on my feet then "Chowda in a bread bowl" vendors along the river. I decided to limp over to the finish line (across river) which was on the opposite side of the majority of spectators.

I found a nice section of the guard rail to sit down and watch the races finish. Shortly after I sat down, I noticed a red, "tricked out" Harley pull up in the empty parking spot behind me. The man, dressed in black leather gets off the bike, takes off his helmet. (Not realizing that I am in Boston, and this his home stomping grounds.) I stop, look at him, and said, "Dude, you look a lot like John Kerry" He responds; "because I am". I was taken back a little, but as I immediately struck up a conversation with him. We discussed his motorcycle and his love for riding, his love for rowing, and that fact that he used to be a coxswain in his "much smaller days" as he put it. I had my son's Central Catholic Crew Team sweatshirt over my shoulder, so I asked him if he would hold it up so I could snap a photo with him holding it up, in which he obliged.

I am not a democrat, but if I had to summarize this encounter in one sentence, I would simply say, "man, what a cool guy!"


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