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HS/Scholastic: Fours
April 14, 2012; Charles River, Cambridge, MA

Submitted by Matt Zatorski.

Distance: 1250
Conditions: A beautiful day for racing with flat water and temperatures in the mid-60s with a slight cross-tailwind (under 10 mph) that switched to a direct headwind in the exhibition race.
Comments: An exhibition was run after the race running the full length of the course to take advantage of the favorable racing conditions.


Varsity Four
CRLS 1V 4:12.6
Thayer 4:36.7
CRLS 2V 4:39.2

Varsity 4 (Exhibition):
CRLS 1V 4:22.3
CRLS 2V 4:41.0
Thayer 4:55.2

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