row2k results:
Head Race: Marathon Rowing Championships
November 13, 2004; Natchitoches, LA

Thanks to Alan Pasch.

Conditions: Overcast with a high of 60. Wind 5-10 mph.

BowEvent NameOrganizationBoat LabelBeginning TimeEnding TimeRaw TimePenaltyAdjusted Time
1Pirogue - Men's 1 PirogueAnnapolis Rowing ClubL. NovakSCRATCH   0:00:00
2Canoe - C1 Junior MenUnaffiliatedJ. Ivy7:53:4713:03:215:09:34 5:09:34
3Canoe - C1 MenUnaffiliatedM. Riley7:54:0513:04:495:10:44 5:10:44
4Canoe - C1 MenUnaffiliatedT. EdingerSCRATCH   0:00:00
5Canoe - C1 MenUnaffiliatedL. DevineySCRATCH   0:00:00
8Kayak - K1 WomenUnaffiliatedE. Magee8:49:0512:58:104:09:05 4:09:05
7Kayak - K1 WomenUnaffiliatedA. ReitzerSmith7:54:4213:21:065:26:24 5:26:24
9Kayak - K1 WomenUnaffiliatedM. Morrison8:01:4113:30:495:29:08 5:29:08
6Kayak - K1 Junior WomenUnaffiliatedH. Riley7:54:2613:46:155:51:49 5:51:49
15Kayak - K1 MenUnaffiliatedD. Eifler7:56:4412:04:354:07:51 4:07:51
13Kayak - K1 MenUnaffiliatedK. Benoist8:00:2612:31:384:31:12 4:31:12
12Kayak - K1 MenUnaffiliatedT. Wiese7:55:4012:39:554:44:15 4:44:15
14Kayak - K1 MenUnaffiliatedW. ReitzerSmith7:55:4812:53:404:57:52 4:57:52
11Kayak - K1 Junior MenUnaffiliatedZ. Riley7:55:0713:02:185:07:11 5:07:11
28Kayak - Men K2Unaffiliated 9:16:2013:00:543:44:34 3:44:34
16WomenRec 1xUnaffiliatedD. Bell7:59:1614:16:436:17:27 6:17:27
18Men Rec 1xBirmingham Rowing ClubD. Deya7:57:1711:51:463:54:29 3:54:29
19Men Rec 1xUnaffiliatedJ. Bell7:57:3012:12:444:15:14 4:15:14
20Women Junior 1xGreater Houston Rowing ClubL. Pedowicz7:59:3013:03:555:04:25 5:04:25
21Women 1x Masters ARocky Mountain RCA. Tomany8:20:3412:17:463:57:12 3:57:12
27Women 1x Masters BRowing DockM. Barksdale8:05:5011:56:383:50:48 3:50:48
29Women 1x Masters BRio Salado Rowing ClubE. Schneider8:06:1512:12:324:06:17 4:06:17
30Women 1x Masters CRocky Mountain RCD. Hayden8:18:3612:17:543:59:18 3:59:18
31Women 1x Masters CTexas Rowing CenterP. Sears8:17:1812:36:024:18:44 4:18:44
32Women 1x Masters ETopeka Rowing AssociationD. McDiarmid8:07:3412:28:194:20:45 4:20:45
34Mens Novice 1xTexas Rowing CenterM. Zuehlke8:23:2412:44:204:20:56 4:20:56
35Men 1x Masters AAustin Rowing ClubJ. DeMello8:10:2312:20:364:10:13 4:10:13
36Men 1x Masters ALSMSAB. Burkman8:19:0513:57:365:38:31 5:38:31
39Men 1x Masters BRocky MountainD. Stark8:28:2712:14:493:46:22 3:46:22
41Men 1x Masters BUnaffiliatedM. Simmons8:10:3812:32:264:21:48 4:21:48
47Men 1x Masters CUnaffiliatedS. Matthews8:20:1312:48:384:28:25 4:28:25
42Men 1x Masters CBay Area Rowing ClubT. TopaluSCRATCH   0:00:00
50Men 1x Masters DCedar River Rowing ClubB. Schuette8:19:2211:46:113:26:49 3:26:49
49Men 1x Masters DBay Area Rowing ClubB. Cooling8:22:2611:55:513:33:25 3:33:25
60Men 1x Masters EGreater Houston Rowing ClubJ. Dietz8:12:5411:40:103:27:16 3:27:16
51Men 1x Masters EKansas City Rowing ClubS. Moody8:24:3212:26:504:02:18 4:02:18
56Men 1x Masters ETexas Rowing CenterS. Ritchie8:24:0312:28:074:04:04 4:04:04
54Men 1x Masters ETulane RowingF. King8:11:0012:22:044:11:04 4:11:04
59Men 1x Masters EBirmingham Rowing ClubC. Bennick8:13:3712:24:444:11:07 4:11:07
61Men 1x Masters FLightwave Rowing AssociationJ. Rudd8:14:3912:08:123:53:33 3:53:33
64Men 1x Masters FBirmingham Rowing ClubR. McAlevy8:23:4213:30:455:07:03 5:07:03
63Men 1x Masters FAustin Rowing ClubJ. ParnellSCRATCH   0:00:00
67Men 1x Masters GRowing Club of the WoodlandsP. Cushing8:11:2412:06:053:54:41 3:54:41
69Mens Open 1xFt. Worth Rowing Club, Inc.P. McDonough8:15:5411:27:183:11:24 3:11:24
70Mens Open 1xEpiscopal School of DallasT. Howell8:16:0511:31:323:15:27 3:15:27
71Mens Open 1xGreater Houston Rowing ClubW. CASTLE8:17:5711:34:333:16:36 3:16:36
73Mens Open 1xAustin Rowing ClubK. Villamin8:18:2112:02:433:44:22 3:44:22
72Mens Open 1xTCU CrewT. Guidry8:16:5313:55:305:38:37 5:38:37
74Womens 2- Masters CBay Area Rowing ClubE. Peltier8:26:3512:57:034:30:28 4:30:28
78Mens Open 2-Texas CrewP. Cagniart8:31:0611:52:183:21:12 3:21:12
76Mens Open 2-LSU Rowing ClubK. MillerSCRATCH   0:00:00
79Women Junior 2xThe Cambridge School of DallasM. KibbySCRATCH   0:00:00
80Women Novice 2xBerry College Viking CrewK. Billings8:33:2813:10:304:37:02 4:37:02
81Womens Open 2xAustin Rowing ClubK. Quiring8:29:5612:54:164:24:20 4:24:20
83Women 2x Masters CTopeka Rowing AssociationA. Lackey8:35:3513:05:064:29:31 4:29:31
86Mixed 2x Masters BArizona OutlawsT. Paxton8:34:3711:50:033:15:26 3:15:26
88Mixed 2x Masters CGreater Houston Rowing ClubP. GALLOWAY8:32:0012:02:473:30:47 3:30:47
85Mixed 2x Masters CFt. Worth Rowing Club, Inc.J. Trimble8:36:5412:19:233:42:29 3:42:29
87Mixed 2x Masters CArizona OutlawsD. Goldner8:33:5214:16:445:42:52 5:42:52
89Men Junior 2xDallas Jesuit PrepD. Holmes8:36:2112:28:333:52:12 3:52:12
90Men 2x Master DBay Area Rowing ClubA. Parkman8:38:4412:13:323:34:48 3:34:48
92Men 2x Master GLookout Rowing ClubJ. Fish8:39:4012:31:043:51:24 3:51:24
91Men 2x Master GLos Gatos Rowing ClubD. Ehrhardt8:25:1912:20:053:54:46 3:54:46
93Men 2x Master GDallas Rowing ClubJ. Werle8:53:5413:06:014:12:07 4:12:07
94Women Junior 4xUrsuline AcademyC. Devlin9:10:1213:10:594:00:47 4:00:47
95Women 4x Masters AAustin Rowing ClubE. Stateczny8:48:3412:17:133:28:39 3:28:39
96Women 4x Masters CAustin Rowing ClubJ. Rice8:56:5312:16:203:19:27 3:19:27
97Mixed 4x Masters ABay Area Rowing ClubB. Meltzer9:03:3113:08:474:05:16 4:05:16
99Mixed 4x Masters BBay Area Rowing ClubK. Zimmer8:54:5712:42:563:47:59 3:47:59
103Men Junior 4xThe Cambridge SchoolJ. Reagan9:09:2512:16:583:07:33 3:07:33
102Men Junior 4xDallas Jesuit PrepH. Martin9:09:0212:26:063:17:04 3:17:04
101Men Junior 4xRowing DockB. Bula9:08:4412:27:033:18:19 3:18:19
100Men Junior 4xDallas Jesuit PrepJ. Tatum9:08:1812:36:133:27:55 3:27:55
104Men 4x Master CAustin Rowing ClubD. Kerth9:02:3712:16:193:13:42 3:13:42
107Men 4x Master DTyne/Maidstone/LeaA. Botterill9:01:0612:17:563:16:50 3:16:50
109Women Novice 4+NSU CrewM. Dickey9:15:1013:58:364:43:26 4:43:26
108Women Novice 4+Centenary College CrewR. OBrienSCRATCH   0:00:00
111Women Open 4+Texas CrewK. Kidd9:14:0412:40:163:26:12 3:26:12
110Women Open 4+KU CrewL. Ohara9:13:5412:56:483:42:54 3:42:54
112Women Open 4+Berry College Viking CrewB. Buchanan9:14:3213:50:204:35:48 4:35:48
114Mixed Open 4+TulaneM. Stilp9:12:3212:49:453:37:13 3:37:13
113Mixed Open 4+KU CrewD. Porazzo9:12:0213:29:364:17:34 4:17:34
116Men Open 4+TulaneW. Clark9:25:3012:26:253:00:55 3:00:55
117Men Open 4+Texas CrewA. Magill9:25:4912:29:093:03:20 3:03:20
118Men Open 4+NSU CrewR. Ziegler9:26:1112:44:203:18:09 3:18:09
115Men Open 4+Texas CrewN. Palaskas9:24:5712:49:293:24:32 3:24:32
119Men Open 4+Berry College Viking CrewJ. Reynolds9:26:4613:06:233:39:37 3:39:37
120Mixed Open 4xRowing DockD. Brown9:18:3613:15:503:57:14 3:57:14
121Mens 4x+ Masters EGreater Houston Rowing ClubM. VANCE8:49:5612:21:463:31:50 3:31:50
122Men Open 4xAustin Rowing ClubN. Quiring9:23:1012:44:133:21:03 3:21:03
123Mixed Octuple (8x+)Louisville Rowing Club, Inc.J. LaPoint9:30:0413:38:184:08:14 4:08:14
124Mixed Junior 8+LSMSAJ. Whiddon9:33:2314:02:554:29:32 4:29:32
125Women Novice 8+TulaneC. Buckley9:34:2013:32:073:57:47 3:57:47
127Women Open 8+Texas CrewC. Hedman9:36:1112:48:483:12:37 3:12:37
126Women Open 8+TulaneL. Zoller9:35:3612:53:133:17:37 3:17:37
129Mixed Novice 8+Wichita State University Crew 9:39:5213:41:524:02:00 4:02:00
128Mixed Novice 8+Centenary College CrewB. GuskoSCRATCH   0:00:00
130Mixed Open 8+Wichita State University Crew 9:48:4612:58:113:09:25 3:09:25
134Mixed Open 8+Texas CrewK. Smith9:51:2013:09:303:18:10 3:18:10
133Mixed Open 8+Rice CrewG. Perez-Hobrecker9:50:5113:18:263:27:35 3:27:35
132Mixed Open 8+Texas A&M GalvestonK. Bandy9:50:1013:53:554:03:45 4:03:45
131Mixed Open 8+Texas A&M GalvestonM. Babineaux9:49:3014:04:104:14:40 4:14:40
135Mens Novice 8+TulaneJ. Kolbinsky9:52:5713:12:073:19:10 3:19:10
137Mens Open 8+University of WisconsinGolding10:01:1512:37:142:35:59 2:35:59
136Mens Open 8+Texas CrewC. Sellmyer10:01:0212:43:012:41:59 2:41:59
139Mens Open 8+Kansas State Mens CrewD. Cotter10:02:2212:54:232:52:01 2:52:01
138Mens Open 8+TulaneB. Freed10:01:5613:00:162:58:20 2:58:20

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