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HS/Scholastic: Fours
Bancroft School vs. Newman, South Kent, Worcester Academy
April 22, 2012; Lake Quinsigamond
Submitted by David Baker.

Distance: 1500
Conditions: Steady rain. 10mph tailwind diminishing to 7 mph by the end of racing.
Comments: In the 1B4 event Newman's bow man strained his hip flexor at 1000m but finished the race.

Varsity Four
Bancroft 5:20.1
Worcester Acad 5:37.1
Newman 6:00.2
South Kent 6:55.9

Worcester Acad 5:45.6
Bancroft 6:01.8
South Kent 7:49.8

Newman 6:07.8
Worcester Acad 6:13.0
Bancroft 6:47.7

Worcester Acad 6:22.4
Bancroft 7:04.6
Newman 7:26.1

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