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Junior: Newport Aquatic Center - Girls vs. Oakland Strokes - Girls
February 19, 2012; Newport Beach, CA
Submitted by Tim Humphrey.

Distance: 2000
Conditions: Calm, building to a slight cross/headwind for the 4+ and F8+. Outgoing tide.
Comments: Radio interference led to finish time splits only in the 4+ and F8+. NAC (D boat) was a non Freshman boat.

Novice C/D:
NAC C 7:38
Oakland C 7:47
Oakland D 7:57

Novice 8 A/B
NAC A 7:02
Oakland A 7:03
Oakland B 7:16
NAC B 7:24

Novice 4+:
Oakland 0:00
NAC 0:22

Freshman 8:
NAC A 0:00
Oakland A 0:18
NAC (D boat) 0:26
Oakland B 0:53

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