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Junior: 48th Annual Lower Boat Regatta - Girls' Results
May 23, 2012; Lake Waramaug, New Preston, CT
Submitted by Fran Ryan.

Distance: 1000m
Conditions: Mild temperatures, occasional tailwind and furious lower boat racing !

Girls' B:
Choate 4:35.86
Miss Porter's School 4:41.24
Rumsey Hall 4:49.69
Lenox 4:58.41
Chase 5:15.32
Taft 5:30.09

Girls' C
Rumsey Hall 5:05.32
Lenox 5:17.00
Choate 5:22.01

Girls' A:
Canterbury 4:37.63
Taft 4:39.48
Rumsey Hall 4:45.74
Miss Porter's 4:54.84

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