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HS/Scholastic: Deerfield Academy vs. Rumsey Hall
May 12, 2012; Deerfield, MA
Submitted by Peter Field.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Strong tail current and varying headwind
Comments: Rumsey A and B rowing in 5 and 6 then combined for the right. Deerfield combine its 5 and 6 for the eight. In the 5th boat race both Deerfield and Rumsey B caught boat stopping crabs. The eights started above the line.

Boys 6th:
Deerfield 4:17.8
Rumsey A 4:26.5
Rumsey B 4:43.8
Rumsey C 5:51.7

Boys 5th
Rumsey A 4:11.3
Deerfield 4:18.9
Rumsey B 4:27.0

Boys 8+:
Deerfield 4:11.5
Rumsey 4:27.1

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