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HS/Scholastic: Rustbelt Catholic Championships
March 31, 2012; Lake Milton, OH
Submitted by Jay Hammond.

Distance: 1500m +/-
Conditions: Cross headwind with heavy chop in the first 600m died down a bit as the racing progressed. No current. Order of racing: 5V8+, 2F8+, 1F8+, 4V8+, 3V8+, 1V8+, 1N4+ and 2V8+.
Comments: The Novice 4+ crews raced approximately 800 meters because of rough conditions in the first 600 meters of the normal 1500m course. Central Catholic won the Murphy Memorial Cup for the First Freshman crews. St. Ignatius won the Frances Previts Cup for the Second Varsity crews. Central Catholic won the Christy C. Wiegand Cup for the First Varsity crews. Central Catholic won the Bro. Richard Grzeskiewicz, FSC Cup for team points. Great early season racing.

Varsity 8
Central Catholic 5:13.34
St. Ignatius 5:16.55

2nd Varsity 8
St. Ignatius 5:14.30
Central Catholic 5:22.99

Varsity Four
St. Ignatius TBA
North Catholic TBA

Frosh/Novice 8
Central Catholic 5:43.00
St. Ignatius 5:51.00

4th Varsity 8+:
Central Catholic 5:43.00
St. Ignatius 5:44.00

2nd Frosh/Novice 8
Central Catholic 6:08.00
St. Ignatius A 6:27.00
St. Ignatius B 7:06.00

3rd Varsity 8
Central Catholic 5:22.99
St. Ignatius 5:36.49

Novice 4:
St. Ignatius 3:26.52
Central Catholic 3:43.68

5th Varsity 8:
Central Catholic 5:50.97
St. Ignatius 5:55.19

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