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HS/Scholastic: MAPL Championship - girls
April 28, 2012; Mercer Lake
Submitted by Barb Grudt.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: 6-9 mph cross tailwind with more chop in the first 750m. Temperatures in the high 50's.
Comments: Lawrenceville won the 2012 MAPL Cup by winning all three of the varsity events. Points are awarded for each finish place with the lowest score winning. Final tally: 1st Lawrenceville (3 pts), 2nd Blair (6 pts), 3rd Hun (10 pts), 4th Peddie (11 pts).

In the N8, Hun caught a boat stopping over the head crab 495 meters into the race, which was finally restarted with 500m to go.

Varsity Four
Lawrenceville 5:32.0
Blair 5:42.1
Peddie 5:50.9
Hun 6:07.5

Frosh/Novice 8
Lawrenceville 1:48.8
Mercer A 1:51.1
Peddie 1:54.7
Blair 1:58.1
Mercer B 2:01.4
Hun 2:14.7

3V Four:
Lawrenceville 5:48.5
Blair 6:06.1
Hun 6:25.5
Peddie 6:36.6

2V Four
Lawrenceville 5:39.5
Blair 5:50.0
Hun 6:13.5
Peddie 6:15.7

4th-6th Fours:
Lawrenceville 4V 6:00.8
Lawrenceville 5V 6:08.0
Lawrenceville 6V 6:08.5
Blair 5V 6:11.3
Blair 4V 6:16.1
Hun 6:35.6

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