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HS/Scholastic: 5th Annual Novice Regatta
May 6, 2012; Connecticut River, Middletown, CT
Thanks to Wendy Sheil.

Conditions: It was Middletown High School Crew's pleasure to host the 5th Annual Novice Regatta. The course is approx. 600 meters. All crews raced a minimum of two times or a maximum of 4 times. If a crew wins they continue to advance. If a crew loses they get a second chance to race and advance. Winning times are in bold. Thank you to all that attended - it was a great day of racing on a nearly (and rarely) perfect CT River. Participating High Schools: Avon Litchfield Glastonbury Middletown Guilford Simsbury Lewis Mills Stonington

Race # Boat ID Team Time*
1B B1 Glastonbury A 01:42.4
  B2 Stonington A 01:41.2
2B B3 Avon A 01:38.4
  B4 Simsbury 01:39.8
3B B5 Litchfield 02:17.6
  B6 Middletown 02:08.1
4B B7 Guilford 02:03.3
  B8 Avon B 02:01.8
5B B9 Lewis Mills 01:55.0
  B10 Glastonbury B 01:48.6
  B11 Stonington B 01:57.9
6G G1 Guilford A 02:08.6
  G2 Glastonbury A 01:57.5
7G G3 Stonington A 02:05.1
  G4 Avon 02:12.2
8G G5 Lewis Mills 02:36.6
  G6 Litchfield 02:31.5
9G G7 Middletown 02:27.4
  G8 Simsbury 02:16.7
10G G9 Guilford B 02:57.4
  G10 Glastonbury B 02:40.0
  G11 Stonington B 02:07.9
BRACKET 2 (Loser)    
Race #  Boat ID Team  
11B L - 1B Glastonbury A 01:54.6
  L - 2B Simsbury 02:02.7
12B L - 3B Litchfield 02:24.8
  L - 4B Guilford 02:20.0
13B L - 5B Lewis Mills 02:23.3
  L - 5B Stonington B 02:17.5
14G L - 6G Guilford A 02:39.7
  L - 7G Avon 02:25.8
15G L - 8G Lewis Mills 02:42.7
  L - 9G Middletown 02:35.7
16G L - 10G Guilford B 02:54.1
  L - 10G Glastonbury B 02:38.7
BRACKET 3 (Winner)
Race # Boat ID Team  
17B W-1B Stonington A 02:01.8
  W-11B Glastonbury A 01:59.1
18B W-2B Avon A 02:19.2
  W-12B Guilford 02:23.3
19B W-3B Middletown 02:18.8
  W-13B Stonington B 02:32.1
20B W-4B Avon B 02:27.7
  W-5B Glastonbury B 02:26.6
21G W-6G Glastonbury A 02:13.1
  W-14G Avon 02:18.5
22G W-7G Stonington A 02:18.0
  W-15G Middletown 02:39.2
23G W-8G Litchfield 02:47.0
  W-16G Glastonbury B 02:39.3
24G W-9G Simsbury 02:27.1
  W-10G Stonington B 02:24.6
Race # Boat ID Team  
25B W-17B Glastonbury A 02:14.9
  W-18B Avon A 02:23.1
26B W-19B Middletown 02:00.2
  W-20B Glastonbury B 02:07.2
27G W-21G Glastonbury A 02:32.4
  W-22G Stonington A 02:23.4
28G W-23G Glastonbury B 02:31.3
  W-24G Stonington B 02:21.7
Race # Boat ID Team  
29B W-25B Glastonbury A 02:07.4
  W-26B Middletown 02:20.6
30G W-27G Stonington A 02:26.6
  W-28G Stonington B 02:31.7
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