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HS/Scholastic: The Gunnery - Girls' Fours vs. Choate, Deerfield, Miss Porters
May 19, 2012; Lake Waramaug, CT
Submitted by Matt Daylor.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Calm at the start; crosswind from starboard between 200-500m; moderate tailwind for last 750m.
Comments: No time was taken for the girls' second four due to an equipment malfunction. Results indicate order of finish only. The gap between Deerfield (1) and Choate (2) was approximately 1/2 second. Porters' 6th boat caught a crab which affected their finish order.

2nd Four:
Deerfield 1
Choate 2
Porters 3
Gunnery 4

1st Four
Deerfield 5:39.10
Choate 5:42.92
Gunnery 5:43.85
Porters 5:48.76

3rd Four:
Porters 5:58.04
Choate 6:03.51
Deerfield 6:22.48
Gunnery 6:48.43

4th Four:
Porters 6:12.88
Choate 6:19.93
Deerfield 6:30.77

5th & 6th Fours:
Choate 6th 6:11.09
Choate 5th 6:23.29
Porters 6th 6:27.28
Porters 5th 6:30.57

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